Sunday, June 1, 2014

This Unusuall Floor Lamp Was Procured Via The Belleville Flea A Couple Weekends Back. I Only Found Out That It's Called A "Rainbow Lamp"...'Cuz I Looked On The Bottom. Duh. Status: Still Needs A Bulb And Cleanup.


Cool looking reading lamp, huh?  That's why it came home with Mr. M.  It's still a little bit of a mess, and will never look perfect, but that's probably alright.  Somebody'll still find a good use for this when I finally get it to one booth or the other.


I haven't put a bulb in it yet, but that grey box on the underside makes me wonder if maybe this is a

touch sensitive base on the lamp.  Actually, it might must be.  I don't see any other switches.  Neat! 

Ok, it's kind of an '80s thing, but I find it sorta retro charming.


Oddly enough this lamp came from the same vendor that coughed up the red pop art Ikea coffee

table.  I'm hoping that vendor pops up in Belleville regularly.  He had some interesting and

inexpensive stuff.  I think he even had a Lane Acclaim end table there last time.  I got plenty of end 

tables.  I got called the "End Table Guy" by The Green Shag staff the other day!  Good thing some of

them tables moved on last week!

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