Saturday, June 7, 2014

Booth 307 State Of The State...Or, How It's Going Out In West County For Mr. Modtomic These Days. Well, In A Word...Not Too Shabby! Status: Tour.


Some new stuff...some old stuff.  It's all here.  You've seen almost all of these items here on the blog one way or another.  See anything you recognize?  Any old friend...or crushes?  These pics are about a week old, so there's no telling if all of this is still available.  See somethin' ya like...ya better get on it!


You know...I had big plans.  I was gonna paint and build some shelves like I had at the old shop in St.

Chuck, and maybe even put up a full wall mural on one end of the space.  Wow, none of that

happened.  It's tough to follow your dreams...and so much easier to give up and sit on the couch

watching Netflix.  I mean, C'mon...the new season of Sherlock just dropped!  What's a Mr. supposed

to do?


And for real, while it's a lot of fun keeping this joint's also time consuming and (at least

for the larger pieces) a lot of hard work.  Sometimes I get to "work" work on Monday and let out a

sigh of relief, even though my back is still achy from haulin' vintage all weekend.  Can't complain

though, no way!  How many other hobbies out there pay for themselves?


I don't mind that I don't have a really fast turnover rate since I kinda like to view my booths as a

display area that occasionally loses a piece.  Obviously I like to show off my finds...I do it EVERY

DAY!  These spaces are my real world point of external validation.  Every time someone picks out a

piece from my curated collection my confidence in my good taste is reinforced.  And since I rarely

buy something that I don't really like, if there is something that sits for a while, I don't mind so much. 

I still like to see it and own how could it be a bad thing?  That all being said, c'mon down and

buy my stuff!!!

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