Wednesday, June 18, 2014

We Pulled Off I-90 At Wall South Dakota And Immediately Scoped Out The Motel Situation. The Girlfriend Spotted This Great Motel Welsh Neon Sign And The Decision Was Made. Status: Stayed.


Ain't that a great neon sign? Wouldn't that drag you to a screeching halt? Turns out the room was only about $60 and it wasn't too shabby! Click through to check it out.


Yea! An intact vintage Pink Bathroom! And huge too, can't imagine why they wasted so

much space on the bathroom. The room ain't too small either. I don't know if all of 'em are

as big as ours but we got a pair of very comfortable queen beds with Feather Pillows. The

TV wasn't huge but it was a relatively new flat panel high def thing...and most importantly it

had cable. Ahhhh...pigging out on HGTV, A&E and History.


Check out the furniture! It's totally vintage modern. Usually we take a moment to check a

room before layingbout the cash but we was tired last night and just wanted to get the

room and be done. Lucky us, it was in good shape and clean. The night before our room

was a "smoking" room and while otherwise adequate, not a place I'd recommend. The Motel

Welsh, on the other hand, seems perfectly fine here on our second night here.


We were kinda planning on moving on down the road this morning but my body decided

otherwise. I woke up to a pain in my lower right abdomen that lasted about 3 hours. I had

taken some Tylenol minutes earlier for a head ache I had awakened to and it didn't help a

bit with this other issue. I just couldn't get comfortable on the bed and didn't want to go out.

Then about noon I felt something shift down there and the pain stopped. A few minutes

later and this little stone dropped out of me. Is that gross? Too bad, you want the

get the horns here at Mr. Modtomic!



  1. Thanks for the tip (and sorry about the stone!) - can you give the address or city the motel is in? Would love to put it in our resources for when we're on the road!

    1. Hi Mod Betty.

      I'd be happy to!   The address is 312 South Boulevard Wall, South Dakota 57790 - Phone  # (605) 279-2271.

  2. Kidney stone? I passed one of those (and had a kidney infection) on the way back from picking up some Eames Soft Pad chairs in Jeff City. Sounds like you had a bit of an easier time with yours. I was practically in tears from the pain.

    1. Hi Nick!

      How's Kitters? We have no cell phone coverage out here so I'm not getting any text messages and only sporadic WiFi (like now). Has McDuff the Fluff calmed down and decided you're not evil yet? Hope so!

    2. Still evil, but slightly less so. He used to cower under the bed at all times, but now comes near when I fill his bowl. He's taken to getting back at me for taking away his parents by throwing litter absolutely everywhere whenever I leave.

  3. I love that pink bathroom! That hotel is all kinds of awesome!!