Monday, June 2, 2014

Dang! I've Been So Busy Lately That I Nearly Forgot That I Picked Up This Set Of Four Broyhill Brasilia Dining Chairs A Couple Weekends Back! These Seem To Be Becoming Harder To Come By, Even Around Here In The Mid-West. Status: Soon To Be Paired.


OK, so that's not a set of four Broyhill Brasilia chairs is it?  Nope.  That's last evening's dinner!  Ah...finally, Bar-B-Que season.  Just had to share that.  'Twas my first time with real lump charcoal too.  It's a learning curve, but I'm getting there.  Just gotta get out there more often to hone those skills.  Anyway, click through to check out the chairs!


Seems like not to long ago there wasBroyhill Brasilia just about everywhere.  Estate sales,

thrift stores, criagslist.  I've still got two dining tables in the garage and a coffee table and

buffet / server waiting to go over to Dan's for some attention, but it doesn't seem to be

falling into my lap like it used to.  But then, every time I mention this a couple more pieces

seem to show just never know.  I know I'm less likely to look a gift horse in the

mouth these days when the Brasilia does make itself available.  When the iron is hot, this

guy is gonna strike.  Of course, this doesn't mean that I've abandoned my standards. 


I passed on a large china cabinet, four chairs and a dining table at the same auction where I

picked up the coffee table and buffet / server a while ago.  I'm not gonna try to find a new

home for everything!  Those particular pieces where a little more rough than I like to handle. 

These chairs aren't perfect but they've got plenty of life left in 'em.  They could use a little

love in the finish department, one is a little wobbly where the back connects to the seat and

all want for some better looking upholstery.  But these are all much more easily solved than

finding chairs in the first place.  Like I said, I'm not looking any gift ponies in the maw these



::Sigh::  I couldn't let this go without show ya.  How cute is little kitters?!  So tuckered out

after a long day of "lap cat".


  1. Those chairs look pretty great to me! And the kitty IS adorable.

  2. Amen Mr. Modtomic -- Brasilia is harder and harder to find up in my neck of the midwest as well. Even if you do find some, it seems the price has at least tripled since when I bought my pieces. I'm glad I got mine while the getting was good! Don't have any dining chairs -- I passed on a set of six plus table for about $200 about 4 years ago. Now I'm thinking I should have bought it. le sigh...