Tuesday, June 10, 2014

This Print Is Enormous! This Must Be Some Famous Place In Paris To Sit And Paint Since We've Seen It In A Bunch Of Paintings. Need A Real SOFA Size Print? Status: Available.


I spotted this at the Goodwill Sunday and tried to leave it behind but I just couldn't.  It's not in perfect condition and I was afraid that it might just end up in the dump.  Surely I can find a loving new home for such an unusually large size vintage print.


It's got great color and well, the little bit of damage here and there...that's just character, right?  You

might remember a very small print that I featured a few weeks ago of a very similar scene in Paris. 

It's like this print's exact opposite!  Similar, if not the same, subject and style...but different artists.


Here's a better view of how really large this print is.  That's the Sater sofa from yesterday without the

side cushions.  Now THAT'S what I call Sofa Size!  I've only ever found one larger than this and it's

hanging behind The Girlfriend's desk.  It's a great skyline print in blues and greens.  This print is a bit

more, I don't know...Fine Art-ish.  More Impressionism than the sorta Abstract leaning skyline print.


Jeez, this Turner must have made a mint off of all the art it sold.  I don't think they are still in

business, but I can't for the life of me figure out why!  Except that "Made In U. S. A." part.  Maybe

that's what got 'em.  Cheaper imported stock.  If you look at the upper right photo you'll see a scratch

on the print just to the right of the center column.  That's the only blemish on the print itself.  It's

easily overlooked since there are all sorts of random bursh strokes on the painting.  I doubt anybody

would even have noticed if I hadn't pointed it out.  And up on a wall I bet it'd be even less obvious. 

Either way, this one will be cheaply had.  I just didn't want it to go in the trash!

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