Sunday, June 8, 2014

I Was Simply Gonna Tweet About This Cool Looking Vintage Modern Bassett Set At The Ferguson Goodwill Today...But I Took Too Many Photos. Status: Tweet Fail.


Then I was gonna try to come up with some clever title for this post involving a play on the words: Basset Case (goods) and "Basket Case" but that didn't really seem fair...and I was too lazy to work out the details.


It's a decent set of bedroom furniture and if you've got a little time on your hands it could be made

quite nice.  IMHO, it'd be a great candidate for a paint job.  I know that's hard to hear, but c''s

just Bassett, and it needs some love.  Maybe paint the cases white and leave the drawer faces natural



Or go the full monty and repair and refinish them.  They're at least as nicely built as the more sought

after Broyhill Brasilia.  Looks like everything's still there.  If I didn't already have a garage full of

half started projects I would have loved to find this set a new home myself, but I'm sure someone out

there will see the same potential I do and the set will be snatched right up.  I'm just hoping it goes to a

home that will appreciate it's finer details and give it the much needed care it deserves so that it can

have a new lease on life!

By The Way, I wanna thank everybody who has clicked through an ad in the last month or so (Mr. M gets a small cut of the revenue generated by the ads that are clicked on).  I take a look daily to see what the stats are on that and it gives a Mr. a warm fuzzy feeling to know his readership has got his back!  You Are The Greatest!

Mr. Modtomic


  1. Which goodwill was this at ? I wonder is it still available


    1. Hi Byron. 

      It is / was at the Goodwill on West Florissant Rd. Across from the Walmart / Sam's Club.  By the new Quick Trip just south of Hwy 270.

  2. Thank you they still had it & now I own it

    1. Hi again Byron.

      Congrats! I'm happy that it's going to an appreciative home!

  3. i have those exact two pieces in my bedroom as we speak, great find!!