Tuesday, May 27, 2014

So What Does $25 (Plus Admission - $10 each) Buy A Vintage Modern Scavenger At The Gypsy Caravan? With Careful Selection...Quite A Bit! Status: Parking Nightmare...Apparently.


Upon checking out Twitter hashtag "GypsyCaravan" last evening I found that MANY attendees of said flea market had a myriad of issues with parking.  We had no troubles parking at all but we arrived about Ten minutes after Nine AM.  It was getting back out at about One PM that gave us troubles.


The folks who arranged the even could have done a better job of figuring out the ingress / egress of

the parking situation at the Family Arena, where this years Gypsy Caravan Flea Market took place. 

Other than that, it was a better venue than in past years.  Sadly, my take was smaller...but it was still a

fun day to mill about scrounging through a bunch of Junque!


None of this has been cleaned up at all.  The lamp above had a shade but it was so busted up that it

got left in a trash can at the flea.  Luckily I have a number of spares hanging around the house.  This

one is maybe a bit long.  You can see adhesive still stuck to the cool looking phone above too.  It'll

come clean.  I found that the pink grapes were constructed using heavy duty electrical wire kind of

amusing.  Don't know why.


The cork executive set was my first purchase...OH WAIT!!!  I just remembered that I bought a

Broyhill Saga end table for $10 that I forgot to go back and pick up before leaving!  FAIL!  Meh...it

was only Ten Bucks.  I'll live...but feel stupid for a while.  Any way, the cork set needs a little help,

just some new glue.  The cheese board is really cool.  It's in great shape and just needs cleaning up.  I

passed on it at first but came back later and made a lowball offer since it was getting late and the

seller bit.  (Small) Win!


  1. My friends and I hit up the caravan yesterday too. It was a lot of fun! We got there just as the parking was getting CRAZY so that was good! I got a few smalls...nothing mind blowing. :)

  2. Are you kidding me about the Broyhill Saga end table??? *cries forever*