Sunday, May 25, 2014

I Just Dropped Off This Fantastic KEM Weber Style Lounge Chair At The Booth In Creve Coeur After Spending The Afternoon Cleaning It Up All Pretty. It's Amazing How Well Vintage Chrome Cleans Up. Status: Available.


I picked this lovely KEM Weber style chrome and vinyl lounge chair by Royal Metal a few days ago from a seller who had thought they were gonna "get in the game" so to speak...but then they had off spring instead.  Kids'll do that.  Their my gain!


It was a mess, but I was surprised that I was able to snatch it.  It had been on craigslist for a couple of

hours before I had a chance to notice it.  We were in the process of trading in the Girlfriend's Ford

Fiesta (The Flirt) for another car...which I'll, of course, show ya later.  Anyway, the seller called me

back while we were doing all the paperwork and I thought for sure we'd be out of there soon enough

to make it over and pick up the chair.  Nope.  It took forever.


Then we had to clean out The Flirt and dump all that stuff in "Bugs" (a little hint as to what kind of

car she drove home, can you guess?).  Yes, we do name all our cars.  In any event, I didn't want to

load a large metal frame chair into the back of the Girlfriend's new (ish) car.  So when I talked to the

seller again a little later I just had to make arrangements to pick it up in the morning.  And so it was.

In MY car. 


  1. I have a pair of the Royal Metal, KEM Weber style lounge chairs I'm looking to sell.

  2. I can be reached at

    1. Hi Estelle.

      Where abouts are ya located, and about how much are you wantin' for 'em?