Monday, May 5, 2014

The Girlfriend And I Spent The Afternoon Out At Spirit Of St. Louis Airport Attending The St. Louis County Fair And Air Show. I Didn't Really Plan On Doing A Blog Post On Anything There But This Beechcraft Model 18 Was Just Too Pretty To Ignore! Status: Polished Deco Dreamliner.


Yes, Mr. Modtomic is still a little boy at heart.  I likes me some big powerful airplanes just like any other man on the planet!  There were plenty of interesting flying machines on hand at the County Air Show today, but this vintage Model 18 Beechcraft was the only one that made me pull out the camera phone and snap some pics.


What a beautiful day, right?  So nice in fact that my arms are about the color of the stripes on the side

and tail of this sleek streamlined ship.  Yeah, I rubbed some sunblock on my face and neck but sadly,

didn't think about doing my hairy ol' arms.  Oh well, I needed some color anyway.  We baked

ourselves under that glorious sun this afternoon to check out a number of interesting aircraft and

watch some crazy pilots pull off some sick otherworldly aerial maneuvers.


It had been years since last we had been to the St. Louis County Fair And Air Show and this year was

a little disappointing.  The air show was great but there wasn't much of a "fair".  I might just be

making it all up in my head, but I recall there being carnival rides and games last time.  Now?  There

were carnival food trailers and all, but there wasn't much more besides military recruitment stations.


We didn't have time to stick around the bitter end and see the Blue Angels but we did stop for a late

lunch very near the airport and got to see a bit of that show from the outside.  It's too bad that they

aren't allowed to do a supersonic flyby and give us a nice sonic boom.  Oh, and funny aside...while in

the LONG line of cars streaming into the makeshift parking area we passed a couple of young

"dudes" in a car with windows down just BLASTING Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone"!  Oh how I

hoped that they were belting out "Highway To The Danger Zone" for the sheer irony of it!

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