Sunday, May 4, 2014

Yes! More Broyhill Brasilia! This Small China Cabinet Is Already Gracing My Booth At The Green Shag Market. I Recently Moved Some Large Pieces And Was Lucky Enough To Find This To Take Up The Slack. Status: Come-N-Gettit!


This is one of my favorite Brasilia pieces.  It's ratio of "Brasilia-ness" to utility is higher than most with those big full sculptural swoops on the lower doors, only bettered IMHO by the Tall Chest.  Now THAT beast has some serious "Brasilia-ness"!


Occasionally it seems, to both me and my compadres, that the StL Brasilia well has dried up but then

a couple more pieces drop in our laps.  Sure, it's been a while since the last time I brought home a

complete bedroom or dining room suite but those hauls have their own cons, such as transporting and

storing the lot.  A really good piece here and there is fine by me!  This small Broyhill Brasilia china

cabinet is just that!


I totally wish I had the need for this in our home.  I've already got the standard china cabinet and

another separate buffet, plus a server.  I just don't have the room or use for another china cab.  Two

china cabinets would be even more overkill than even I could stand!  So this is in the booth at The

Green Shag Market waiting for the next owner to show up and claim it for their very own.


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