Sunday, November 28, 2010

Time To Check Out Another Cool Shop Here In St. Louis. Retro 101. Status: Schoolin' Us In Retro

After a pretty good morning getting rid of things in the Garage and an EPIC FAIL while trying to load a large oval smoke glass table top (earned a nice future scar for my stupid effort) I made a little trip to Retro 101 in the Cherokee Street Vintage Shopping Area.

I was planning to take the camera along to shoot some better pics but I was

distracted by destroying a 50 plus pound piece of glass in the driveway and giving

myself an inch long cut on my hand that, while not Bad, certainly got my attention.

After cleaning it all up I realized I should have shot some pics of the disaster in the

driveway to share here. Oh well, like I said...I was a bit distracted which is why I

forgot the real camera and had to use the phone again. When my cut heals, I'll

have a nice little reminder of this fine November day forever!










There is also TONS of vintage clothing here at Retro 101 but I'm trying to limit my

blog to furnishings and smalls. I do have a pretty good collection of vintage finery

if I say so myself but that's another blog for another day. If you get a chance to

stop by and check the place out tell them you saw their shop here!


  1. I am jealous of the number of MCM shops in the St. Louis area. What is with Indy? Are we slow or do we just not get it?

  2. Amazing shop, my boyfriend and I found a number of retro stores this weekend in Brooklyn. It was a great adventure. But Retro 101 looks amazing.

  3. Kate - Really? Surely there are some cool shops around!

    How about this place called Meridian?

    Or this place called DomiStyle

    Have you been to Midland Arts & Antiques Market

    Also check out The best places for vintage and mid-century shopping in Indiana - Yelp List

    Some of these places look kinda pricey but that's the deal with Bricks & Mortar. Seek out your Thrift Stores & Shop Often for the Cheap Goods!

    VodkaS - I'd go nuts in such a dense metropolitan place like Brooklyn with so many places to find and then keep track of! As it stands, I feel like I have a few too many "traps" to check!

  4. Unfortunately "traps" are few and far between in NYC. Flea Markets and Thrift Stores are on the rise again but they tend to be very picked over or very over priced. But we are always on the hunt for good places to get great things.

  5. Sensory overload! I would seriously road trip to St. Louis to shop there for a day.

  6. Stacey - C'mon over! We'd love to have ya. There are plenty more places like this to explore. BTW, You have a nice little Blog started up yourself...but why do you not allow comments? I've visited a few times and really wanted to leave a note but can't.

  7. Hot dlggety dang!!
    Love that south seas triptych and the cool hanging lamp in the corner.
    New Mexico has a major dearth of places like that.
    I need to save my pennies and ride out there one of these days, to check out all the Retro shops and The Enchanted Attic.

  8. Hmmm! Maybe after the trip to Cincinnati I'll see how I feel about another road trip in a uhaul truck. Thank you for the compliment & the heads up about my blog comments. I think I've fixed the problem, I just assumed no one was commenting haha.

  9. stacey - I bet you'll have TONS of comments soon. You've got really good taste. I'm headed over there now to have a look!

  10. bob - Ha! A we know you are in New Mexico...or do we. It may be a red herring! The Triptych is also a Paint By Number! Bonus!!! If you really like you can contact them and I bet they'd ship it too you.

  11. Yes, I admit it.
    I hail from the land of really ugly wrought iron sculpture and pastel Coyotes with bandannas around their necks. Lol!
    Gotta' see how much they want for a piece of tropical paradise. I could wear one of my Hawaiian shirts in front of those and master the art of invisibility.

  12. Just read your post about the mystery chair and came back here to look at your reply. I am not very savy with this blogging thing. You are right - Meridian and Midland Antique Mall are the best Midcentury Modern things going in town but they are very expensive. Midland has just a handful of dealers that handle midcentury and the building that houses Meridian is for sale. I love Domistyle!!! The store turns over merchandise at an amazing pace and the prices are really reasonable. I have purchased a number of things there. Indy seems to lack a place that carries much glassware, dishes or decorative accessories like clocks, pottery or art work. Audrey's Place Thrift Store is a great place for that stuff. Personally, I am a Goodwill junkie. We have many Goodwill stores in the Indy metro area. Too many to frequent on a regular basis. Found my Hazel Atlas Orchard snack and sip sets at GW. I have not ever ventured into the realm of estate sales because of the time involved. Any suggestions on how to become estate sale savy?

  13. Kate - There's not much to being savy with the estate sales. Check out (Indianapolis) to find listings or check your local paper online classifieds. Take some time to map out the sales that are on the same day and try to hit as many as you can! I can hit as many as a dozen in one day. I ain't gonna get the best deals at all of them but I might snatch up an overlooked gem here and there. It's also a great way to be a voyeur of some pretty cool homes that haven't been redecorated in some 30-50 years!

    Don't ask for discounts on the first day of a sale or even very early on the second day. If you see something big like a sofa (on the first day) that you'd like to make a lower offer on, ask about a "bid box" where you can leave an offer. Keep in mind that homes are not designed to have sales in them and be prepared to wait outside for your turn to shop as they might have to limit the number inside.

  14. Thanks for the advise! Your are inspirational!
    I love your blog. I check it everyday, sometimes more than once. Thanks for sharing your expertise- on everything mid century!!

  15. Kate - No problem, Good luck in your Estate Sale adventures!