Thursday, November 4, 2010

When You Can't Say "No" to Atomic Ranch, Modernism or other Cool Magazines, You Gotta Have a Cool Place to Put Them! Status: Fully Loaded.


I snatched this little guy up at a the same Antique Mall that is hosting the cool / pricey danish (Pearsal? Craft Associates?) sofa.


I've seen these on Ebay and some of the Retro shops around town but haven't

seen any at the thrift stores. I've wanted one for quite a while and when I

spotted this one (so freshly painted it was still "stinky"!) at Treasure Isle for

only Twelve Bucks I got that little surge of joy that we all know about. I gave

it the quick once over, sure that there was a major flaw...but other than an iffy

paint job it was solid! From 3ft. away it looks great, so the paint can be tolerated.

The paint has fully cured so the "stinky" has split the scene. I haven't yet found

the perfect spot for it though. Maybe the second bathroom, except Black won't go

so well in there. Dunno. Maybe just next to the Selig Z Chair!



  1. Nice....from booth 51 maybe? Wish I had seen it. I purchased a Lane bench/table that was stinky, freshly painted red there...I'm okay with the red because it was purchased for my grandchildrens future playroom. New to your blog thanks to Kim...and I'm just around the corner in Hazelwood, we've actually met via e-mail before though. Hi, I'm Sue :)

  2. Hi Sue! Welcome to the blog! I'm not sure which booth it was, but it was against the back wall near the middle. I've also purchased a rod iron hairpin leg and red vinyl chair from the same booth. Treasure Isle and the Big Bend Antique Malls (next door to each other) are great, no?