Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another Cool Desk Has Come My Way. This One is by Lane. Got it Via Trade. Status: Available.


Ain't it a beaut? It cost me something I didn't really want to part with though.


How cool is this? The "Back" has two Tambour doors that cover the corners where you can hide your Gin (or Vodka, if you aren't Old School) for the Martinis. Gin and Vermouth in one Cubby. Shaker, Olives or Onions and Glasses in the other!



Yeah, the "back" is what makes this desk special. Unfortunately a lot of people don't have the kind of space to "Place" a desk like this so as to show it off properly. It would be such a shame to push it up against a wall.



So I got an e-mail asking if the Blue Vinyl Sofa that makes it's way in to some of my

pics was available. I've never tried or wanted to sell it. I've gotten TONS of

inquiries concerning it though! I kinda thought I might reupholster it some day. The

vinyl was in pretty good shape but it has some issues here and there. From just a

few feet away it looks Great! And it was hard to show those spots in a photo. So a

few people even came by to look at it. I've tried to dissuade all of them but the

former owner of this Lane desk was pretty adamant. In the end we decided to

trade an even swap. Now I have a hole where the sofa used to be! I have another

out in the Garage that I'll be bringing in as soon as I can clean it up and that will

free up a some space in there. But then, this will go in there until I can find a new

home for it...so as far as the Garage is concerned, for the short term, it's a wash.

BTW, what do you think of the new "flip clock" (OK, so it's not a true "flip clock", I

just don't know exactly what it's called!)?


  1. Holy crapoli that thing is fantastic!
    A desk that doubles as a credenza/liquor cabinet.
    If it gets better than this, I would be very surprised.

  2. Maybe if there was like a Reel to Reel in there playing some Dean Martin and Bettie Page posing "Demurely" on the surface.

  3. I think it looked better with my bulldog standing on it. J/K Thanks for the trade! The desk looks great and my couch is dope as ever. I look forward to more trades in the future.


  4. Dustin, I am as green with envy as an entire Fern Bar and a 2 lb. baggie of...erm..something else green.
    Why am I stuck in the dang boonies?????

  5. I am hopelessly in love with this desk! It's a good thing I'm in Texas and you're in Missouri, or I'd be pounding on your door every day begging for it. :)

  6. Dana - A buyer in Chicago may be putting you out of your misery. I got an e-mail today coveting the desk but lamenting my location and wondering if anybody ever Really drives down from Chicago to buy anything. Luckily for them, I'm going to be in Chicago on the 27th and 28th of Nov. If we can work out a meeting, I'll be dragging the desk along with me.

    Bob - from what part of the world do you hail? The Girlfriend and I take many long Roadtrips. Who knows where we might end up next spring or summer.

    Dustin - Howdy pardner! Just so everybody knows, Dustin traded me this desk for my Blue Vinyl sofa that was in the living room / lounge. He has a cool pic of this desk with one of his bulldogs standing on it, apparently claiming for his own! It looked like a bizarro world Mac Truck in his office.

  7. That is the coolest desk I have ever seen!!

  8. I think that Lane desk is part of the "First Edition" Collection. I bought a house with literally - an entire bedroom and dining room filled with it. Do you know anything about the collection? It's ridiculously difficult to research online.

  9. vodka - It is pretty unique. The tambour doors are awesome.

    Lauren - I don't know anything about the line. I have seen some other pieces on the Chicago C-list in the recent past though.

  10. If this desk is still available, I can give it a good home. I have the perfect space for it. I am new to STL and (gasp) Deskless!


  11. DR - Contact me through my craigslist ad and we can see what we can do to get you that desk!