Saturday, November 6, 2010

Coffee anyone? OK...So There's no Coffee, but yeah...If There WAS Coffee, I'd Be Set! Status: well....empty.


They might be empty but they sure are snazzy, no? Maybe I'll mix up some Coolaid!

Mmmm, how 'bout some Lemon Aid! I really should have put something in these to

add some color. I just didn't have time when I shot these. I actually have about four

or five more that I didn't have on hand. I think if you take a look on the right hand

sidebar you'll see a link to my Bungalow on HGTV's Rate My Space (oh, wait...

there it is!). If you check that out, look through the Kitchen pics any you'll see

some of my others. Just another endless collection to keep adding to. How about

the Biomorphic + Starburst pattern? Two Birds....One Stone......anybody could see

there was gonna be trouble.





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