Thursday, November 11, 2010

Got Off Work Early Today and Stopped By the Salvation Army Thrift Store. Found a Nice China Cab. Status: Service With A Smile!


Sorry for the poor image quality. Bad lighting coupled with a camera phone equals, well...this. I assure you, besides the minor damage to this piece, the china cabinet is quite striking (as well as VERY reasonably priced!).


The handles are metal. They have a sort of (this might be weird) Blade Runner /

Egyptian / Stargate thing going on. Eh, I don't know. That's just what struck

me when I examined them. I think they are brass and could be polished up nice. 

The cab. looks like it might be Kent Coffee but it is not marked anywhere that I

could find.  It's sporting a Mid Century Modern meets Craftsman style that

could fit with a lot of different decors.


Some of the details that really "make" this piece. I love that joint detail on the top.

It's unfortunate that most people would never even notice it. The deep window

moldings give the china top some real heft. Strength even. I love it. The angles

remind me a lot of Paul McCobb Planner Group wood furniture. The legs need

some touch up but the inside "support" or "gusset" is a nice touch too.



Here is another little bump that needs a little help. At least it's near the back where

you likely wouldn't see it much. Also shown here is the back. This is important

because, if you look closely you'll notice, this is a ONE PIECE Cabinet. Very hard

to move. I know. I've had one like this before. Thankfully it only had to go right up

the street form me, but still...I helped the new owners move it into their place and it

was a bit of a challenge. You have been warned! But hey, it's only 70 bucks!!! If

someone here snatches this up, please let me know!


  1. Where is this cabinet? I have been scouring Craigslist for one like it.... Is it the Salvation Army thrift in Florissant? THANKS!!!

  2. Oh, Dag! I forgot to include the Location! This China Cab. is at the Salv. Army on Forest Park Pkwy.

    3949 Forest Park Ave., St. Louis
    Phone: 314-535-0057
    Store hours: 9:00AM-7:00PM

  3. Thanks!! I will run by today and see if I can grab her up!!!

  4. She was a cute little thing, but in a little too rough of shape for me... Thanks for the info though... There was however a fantastic couch sitting there right beside her just screaming for a redo!! And it was almost 8 feet long... Loved it, just couldn't figure out how to get it home plus the fees to reupholster the darn thing. Do you know anyone who does a good job on the cheap?

  5. Awwww, you just left it there! Poor thing!

    Check out Hannah's Blog. She recovers stuff all the time.

    Also my Mom does slip covers. If you'd like to contact her, contact me via one of my craigslist ads (look on the right hand sidebar under "Some places to check out:"). I'm not too keen on putting my e-mail out there for everybody to snatch up.

  6. I know... I sat there and hee-hawed over it for a while, but I just want something in a little better shape... SORRY!! :( It was pretty AND big too!!

    Anywho, thanks for the info on the recovering... The couch right beside that hutch was fabulous and I might just have to go snatch that thing up for my indoor/outdoor deck... It would be nice a bright red lacquer with some outdoor fabric recovering it... :)

    Like your blog too!! As a fellow St. Louisan who loves to find the next big thing for myself (aka hoarder) it is nice to see someone else who loves it too!!! I will be checking back in often to see what you find!!! And share if I see anything while I am out and about!! Thanks again!!