Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Paint By Numbers...The Great Equalizer? Art For The Everyman? Art...For Thee Peoples! Status: Eez Good Comrad.


What could be More American than a Paint By Numbers Painting? OK, so maybe we aren't a nation of Do It Yourselfers Anymore, but it seems like we once were.

I guess maybe the DIY ethic is still pretty strong otherwise how could MegaBox

hardware stores be so prevalent? Maybe it's stronger in a different form, less so

in the "Making" area and more so in the "Fixing" area.


These three pieces are so well painted that I almost didn't pick them up. There just

on the cusp of being "too good"! Someone was justifiably proud of these as they

have been framed behind glass. These are going to end up being offered on my

ads. They just don't really work with the rest of my collection.


These two represent an attempt to start a clown / circus collection that has yet to

come to fruition. The Clown Face is so great. I could do a whole wall in variations

of this! The creepier the better! The Clown on Horse got the nod for having a

monkey in it. Monkeys and Clowns. Like Rum and Coke.


These are pretty special. A matched set. How about those colors? They are so

impressionistic. I really get a nostalgic feeling for the south pacific when looking at

these. Is that weird? I've never been to the south pacific. I wish they were bigger.


  1. It amazes me how hot paint-by-numbers have become lately. My daughter has some hanging in her living room that she got for a buck at an estate sale, but the prices I'm seeing online are unbelievable. You have some cool ones, especially the island ones.

  2. I love paint by numbers for decor. We have a paint by number Jesus on a rock (a gift from Vintage Spinster), and two very beautiful show dogs. I love the ship at sea!

  3. Dana - the little island ones are my favorite at the moment! I found them at an Antique Mall near Rolla Mo. as we were just heading out to San Francisco CA. earlier this summer for vacation.

    VodkaS - I gave a co-worker of mine a PBN Jesus a few years ago! He had just moved into an apartment and had no decor at all. I gave him that and the Biggest Table Lamp I've Ever Seen (found at the Belleville Flea Mkt.).

  4. Love the island set. So dramatic!