Saturday, November 20, 2010

(100th Post!) Two Of The Cool "Finds" From Unique Thrift Store. Status: A. Needing Little TLC - B. Needing Info


This Triptych set was found at Unique Thrift the other day. I kinda hemmed and hawed over their purchase. I just wasn't sure about them. I'm glad I bought them.

They were a little bent up but I fixed most of that today before shooting them. I'm

thinking about repainting the metal "subjects" in a different color as the paint has

chipped off where the metal has been bent. Not sure about what color. Maybe

Primary colors! One Red, one Blue and one Yellow! Or maybe all of them an

oxidized copper green. Dunno yet. What do YOU think? What would Jesus do?


I also picked up this...uh...whatever it is. Uh, no really...What Is It? It grabbed me

enough that I had to buy it, but I really don't know what it is! I Think it's either a

hanging planter or a hanging candle holder. Anybody got any idea? Help me




  1. That set is awesome! I'm feeling the green color. Repost once you paint them!

    Hmmmm what IS that thing-a-ma-jig you got there? Looks cool whatever it is.

  2. If I had to guess, I'd say it is an ashtray. I picked one up last weekend at an estate sale. It doesn't look like yours, but the openings are similar and it hangs.

  3. The Pottery thing doesn't have any divots where you might rest a lit cigarette. I don't smoke so I'm no expert, but most ashtrays have these and I'd think it would be hard to use without them. I have seen hanging ashtray like this before though now that you mention it, but I'm pretty sure they had the divots. Wait, could the three little "extra" pieces with holes in them somehow be the cigarette rests? Hmmm...I don't see how.

  4. I'd vote incense holder on that last guy. Not positive, but couldn't you see putting incense in that center part and swinging it around in some kind of ceremony? No? Just me? And when it's stationary, you could put incense sticks in those little holes. Either way, it's a pretty little piece.

    I love the tryptych. Tough decision on colors though. I'd be inclined to go with something glossy so you can see all that lovely texture. I'm sure whatever you pick, they will be pretty.

  5. adriane - I think the holes are where the string goes so that you can hang it from the ceiling. But placing a charcoal puck in the middle with incense on that would work. Or even those little incense cones.

    I'm leaning toward painting the the metal of the triptych gloss white with a satin black frame and bright spring grass green for the inner detail of the frame (which is gold now). I actually went to buy the green paint last night but with all the other items I had to get at True Value Hardware, I forgot.