Friday, November 26, 2010

Before And After Time! Eh, Just Some Pics Of The New Sofa In The Spare Bedroom Really. Status: Full Day's Project.


Guest Bedroom - Big Brown "Sectional" & Polished Stone Mosaic Table

Top is After, Bottom is Before. It took me all day to get the two "old" sofas and bookcase out of here and the two "new" sofas and bookcase in. That bookcase barely made it through the door...and barely fits!


Guest Bedroom - Mersman End Table & Hollywood Regency Style Table LampGuest Bedroom - Velvet Matador Paintings, "OEM" Antique Car Curtains & uh, Bookshelf

These Brown set is now up for grabs. Be it known that there is a hole in the middle

left surface of the "long" end. I've been looking for the appropriate fabric panels to

replace both seating surfaces so that there are no holes and they match.



I have another matching Bookcase like this one in the Garage. It needs some

cosmetic attention but is super well built. When I get the rough spots smoothed

out, it too will be made available. I was hoping to be able to use it as a place to put

my TV next to our REAL fireplace in the family room but it's about an inch too

wide. Dag. They were found on Craigslist a while back and have been languishing

out in the garage all summer. I had to bring them home One at a time in the back

of Frank (the Focus Wagon). These and the "new" sofas (Both at once!) are some

of the few items that I couldn't fit in the back of Frank AND close the hatch.

Frank is so awesome!



  1. That Sofa is just awesome!
    Not sure about the antique car curtains with it though. They were perfect with the old Sofa, but your new one screams out for some Merimekko window treatments, or something from Patty Young, who does some great new MCM fabrics.

  2. That sofa is just incredible. The room looks great!!

  3. bob - I know...the Girlfriend has been complaining about those since we moved in. I've got some more appropriate curtains in a box around here somewhere that I'll experiment with soon.

    Rhan - Thanks, I appreciate the kind comment. It's actually a total mess, I just moved the mess behind the camera each time I changed the position. You all know how it is!

  4. Lol! I knew you were going to say that!
    Saw some similar fabric recently and walked around feeling bummed out for the rest of the day that I don't have a kitchen window to use it on.
    There's always the bedroom, which I haven't done much with due to sheer laziness.