Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cool Stuff @ The Salvation Army That I Didn't Buy! Status: Languishing In The Basement.


This American of Martinsville five drawer dresser looks so cool in Gloss Black with a Gloss White top. It was just a little too pricey at $75 for me to bring it home.


It sure is pretty though. I wish I had better pics. I don't think that even the Real

camera (I just had my phone with me again...I KNOW, I'm Sorry!) could get good

shot in the basement with the florescent lighting. Note that the really cool China

Cabinet is still available and is ON SALE!


Wow, check it out. Kent Coffee, The Elegant line! This stuff is kind hard to find.

$50 and it comes with a mirror! I don't know about the finish. It might be original.

There was a finish stamp on the back and I think it said something about "arctic

white" or something like that. Doesn't it have some cool lines!


This little buffet has some minor finish issues that could be takent care of relatively

easily. It could even be used to set a TV on top of and store your DVDs in. You

might even be able to cut some holes in side doors to mount some speakers. At

just $25 it's cheap enough to do just about anything you like to it!


Cute little end table. $5...they're almost GIVING it away!


C'mon...SOMEBODY Needs to rescue this China Cab. It's still there and on SALE!

Down to $52.50!!! I CAN'T buy all this stuff...or I'll have a Garage FULL of....oh,

wait...I already have a Garage Full Of This Stuff!


This is unfortunately sold but was so pretty and cool that I just had to snap some

pics of it anyway. I hope it was one our fellow readers!

This Salvation Army Thrift Store is where the Girlfriend picked up our first piece of

Broyhill Brasilia whic still resides in our bedroom! Seems like this is the joint to find

some cool Mid-Century classics!


  1. Mr. Modtomic, please take your camera next time. That black/white chest of drawers is pretty darn cool and I like the Kent Coffey too. Was the black/white one painted? I may have to go check it out. Thanks for the post.

  2. The same black and white American of Martinsville dresser was just listed on craigslist here in Columbus, also for $75! http://columbus.craigslist.org/fuo/2088355199.html

  3. Sue - A. Are you gonna try to make it to the party Saturday night? B. The black/white dresser is Lacquered, I think. C. I'd have to take my camera EVERYWHERE!

    mooboy - How cool is that! Wouldn't it be great to have the matching set?

  4. I am dying, DYING for that buffet on long pegs. It's exactly what I've been looking for for well over a year. There is it, at your thrift store for.....$25!!!

  5. It would be pretty sweet to have a pair of the black and white chests. BTW, love your blog; hope to debut my own as soon as I take some time off from prowling the thrift stores here.

  6. We do have another party that same day, but I'm gonna try and make it by at some point, can't make any promises though. Thanks for the info on the chest.

  7. mooboy - C'mon! Get your blog up and running! There's no time like the present. He who hesitates may never arrive. Blog like the wind!

  8. Ugh Chris, I went out to Treasure Aisles today and guess what I found priced at $175.00 firm. That cool lacquered dresser that was at the salvation army, and its really in nice condition! Bummer, would've paid the $75...I'm always a step behind everyone, my next stop was going to be the salvation army.

  9. Anony (Sue?) - I haven't been to Treasure Isle. since last Saturday (and I didn't see anything similar then...that I can recall) but I'm not entirely sure, based on your description of the condition, that it is the same dresser. There were some minor scratches both on the sides and the top edge on the front. It was still very nice...but not perfect and far from (in my humble opinion) a $175 dresser. I didn't think that $75 was low enough! But the lesson to be learned here is what?

    Strike While The Iron Is Hot!

  10. ummm, thift more often? the early bird gets the worm? I did call the salvation army before I left the parking lot at treasure aisle and they said it had been sold

  11. But which Salvation Army has the best stuff!?! :)