Wednesday, November 3, 2010

There are Gonna Be a Number Of "New Orleans" Posts Over The Next Few Days. This Is My Kinda French Quater Shop. Collectible Antiques on Decatur. Status: French Quarter Treasure Hunt!


Oooh, I do love to dig through a shop that is just packed full of all crazy whatnots!'s in the French Quarter of New Orleans! When you've had enough you can walk across the street and get a Hurricane or a Bloody Mary!


Can't you just imagine spending the day discovering all kinds of great small

treasures in here? I spotted a Franciscan Autumn relish dish and a Russel Wright

Residential divided serving dish here for $15 each. I didn't buy them the first

time I saw them. Then 6 months later, there they were...still waiting for me!

So they got snatched up and brought home to St. Louis. It was fate.




Some of these lamps are just Too Cool. I have sooo many lamps, what's one...or

five more? There are just so many things to look at. I go in this shop every

time I hit New Orleans and while I see many of the same items in here I notice

new things every time.


Check out this neat little three leg iron and wood chair. I have a thing for the

Iron leg furniture like this. Can anybody Identify this? I feel like I've seen

this style before. I came so close to buying it. I think it was only $75.






  1. Ultra cool! Love the shops that are packed with treasures!

  2. No doubt, I could almost VOLUNTEER to just inventory a place like this! Just to find out what all is hiding under all the other stuff!

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