Monday, November 15, 2010

Just Brought This Great Big Sectional Daybed Style Sofa Home Today (and why Estate Sales sometimes suck). Status: Installed

I had kind of a Crappy weekend at the (only) Two Estate Sales I attended this weekend. Snatching this up made up for it!

So, this little video shows one of the reasons I don't hit the estate sales like I used

to. It's just not really worth it so much any more. If a listing mentions, or HEAVEN

FORBID Pictures, anything like Eames, Knoll or Russel Wright anything...This is

how the sale starts. It's like a gun goes off and the Runners are out of the blocks!

This was shot on my phone Through The Window, so some of what you are

seeing is a reflection of some of us outside waiting and watching.

There were two Eames DCM chairs in there (@ $58 each!), a Heywood Wakefield

vanity pouffe and two sets of Russel Wright Stubenville that, by the time I got into

the house, were tagless (ostensibly "sold"). ::Sigh:: This is not fun. Went to

another sale and found three large serving pieces of Franciscan Autumn, so that

was cool. Anyway, let's check out the Sectional!


Here it is set up as it is likely supposed to be. There is a Danish style taper legged

table in the corner. It's nice but not terribly special with a dense particle board top

and laminate surface. At least it has a fitted glass top! I did a little measuring and

figured I could fit it in the Spare Bedroom set up like the Daybed Sectional that is

already in there. So it was a day of moving that out and this (plus a different

bookcase) in. You might say I'm kinda tired now.


This is how I have it set up in the Spare Bedroom now. With the new bookcase it

just BARELY fits! I'll get pics up soon of the new setup. It got dark before I could

take pics this evening.


And here are some random "detail" pics! The Sofa Set was found on Craigslist on

Friday about 10am. I rolled out of bed, checked the "list", spotted it and had an

e-mail off within about 3 minutes! Once again, I offered more than asking and the

seller had gotten back to me within a few more minutes! I was ready to pick it up

then but the seller wasn't at the location of the sofa at the time. It took until this

morning for us to get our schedules working in sync.



  1. A literal Laugh Out Loud! I've seen the scattering mice so many times before. I showed up an hour early once and the line was down the street still. What's a girl to do - camp out?

    The sectional.... F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S! What a find! Love it.

    On another note - Sue of St. Louis contacted me about my set of Danish Dining Chairs on Etsy (that I happened to sell yesterday to someone local). She was so bummed she missed out! This is the same Sue that saw you for your Panton chairs recently! Small world huh!? She saw my posts on your blog and made the connection.

  2. Yeah, Sue came by to check out the Panton chairs and we hit it off instantly. I tried to get her to go to the estate sale shown above since she had never been to one and wanted to check them out. But (luckily for her!) she had prior engagements. I'm on the lookout for a set of chairs for her.

    "Scattering Mice"! Exactly!

  3. Your video is a great representation of estate sale madness. I love the images of people inside and out. It is exactly why I like to "bring up the rear" and go towards the end of the last day.

  4. Perfect description of why I'm now frightened to hit estate sales.
    That sectional is incredible, though! Love that Merimekko-ish fabric.

  5. Yes, I'm definitely glad I missed the madness :)

  6. I went to the after math of that sale on Sunday, I perfer sales that aren't advertised as mid century, It helps keep the prices down and that way when you find that mid century treasure, its almost more rewarding. I went on sunday just to see the beautiful house and see all those red dots of others people's "finds". I am surprised that the dcm chairs were priced so low, had i known before I maybe would have camped out with the rest of the fools.
    I saw that sofa on cl, and told my girlfriend to jump on it! too slow. I love it, but having three sofas in our house is a streach, a fourth one might have put my husband over the edge.

  7. We had a sale weekend before last and had very clearly said not to come early, but of course people were lined up and trying to talk us into opening early for them.

    It's so annoying when people actually open ahead of time and all the good stuff is gone. And if they're going to give friends and dealers a headstart, you'd think they'd at least do it the night before and not while we're waiting outside with our faces pressed to the glass.

    That sectional is great though, so the Craigslist find made up for a lousy estate sale weekend.

  8. It's a good thing you were outside when the sale started, Mr. Mod, you would have been trampled! That was crazy! Thanks for sharing the video. That madness isn't the way it always is, Sue, so don't be too afraid to go to a sale. You'll find some great treasures. Btw, I am so happy with my little Walter Bosse horse and fox, Sue. Thanks again. :)
    Kimberly Ann

  9. Look at Mr. Modtomic bringin' the people together! Sue, Rhan, Kim...all good Modtomitrists!

    Mono - this sale was advertised well with good pics. I was just hoping to get there earlier (and sorta be one of those mice ::blushes::).

    Bob - the print on the backrests is called "Green Morocco" and the seat color is "Gold Nova". It's handwritten on the bottom!

    Sue - The Girlfriend and I are going to Drag you out to a couple (or twelve) some day and Get...You...Hooked!

    Secondhand - No Doubt, finding cool stuff at a "regular" estate sales is SOOOooooo much better! But I had hopes for the DCM chairs and the Russel Wright. Ppsh...whatev'. I'm gonna start hitting them again though. I've found too many good things to chuck it all.

    Dana - the sale didn't open early or anything. They had passed out numbers so they could control the number of people in the house. They let them in about ten at a time. What you see above is the first ten or so picking the best apples. Craigslist Definitely made up for the lame estate sales.

    KimQuinn - I don't know if I could let myself behave like that in front of other people so I guess getting there earlier wouldn't have helped.

    On just about any given weekend here in St. Louis there are ten or more Estate Sales. If you plan well, you can hit most of them in one day. The Best ones will be picked over quickly so you have to plan accordingly. You really can find some great overlooked treasures. Just ask Secondhand Hannah!

  10. Oh that video is hysterical. It reminds me why I don't do estate or tag sales; we have NYC dealers scrambling down here who are just as quick, with the added bonus of shoving and general rudeness. The humor in your blog has me following and laughing, thank you!

  11. stacy - Thank ya. I appreciate the kind words! I can't imagine how cool some of the NYC estate sales must be. Sounds like maybe you have been to some. Have you ever scored anything REALLY good?

  12. Ok, I guess it would have been fun to see all that action, if I was in there first, I'd be pulling tags off everything before I even looked at it....then probably getting kicked out!

    A couple or 12...bring it on, I'm ready! Just don't knock me outta the way trying to get something!

    Kim - so glad you like them....still not quite ready to part with my "Ming Tree" though

    Guess who has the DCM chair and a Wakefield pouff listed.......hmmm, Anna???????? It has 2 chips in it though.

    Well, this has been fun...

  13. Ah, I've found that NYC itself is picked dry. The dealers and shops get their pieces from upstate NY, CT, and as far south as here in Philly. The best things I've found have been in my own quiet area ~ sometimes it pays to live in the middle of nowhere. :)

  14. This is probably a typical post - love your stuff, wish you were closer....Diane

  15. What was the Paul McCobb you were looking for?