Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Little Shop We Stumbled Upon While on Magazine Street. GoGo! Status: Cool Because of the Collection of Paint By Numbers!


This shop totally get the Modtomic Seal of Approval! They don't sell much besides the cool jewelry but the tchotchkes are right up my alley!

I met the owner / operator (named Gogo!) of the joint and she was just too cool.

She spent a little time poking around the blog here while I checked out the shop.

Check out that amazing chandelier! Gogo's husband made that for her. He also

made the display cases! Talk about supporting your significant other. The

jewelry is what this shop is all about but it's the amazing way Gogo has displayed

it all that catches my eye. I mean, c'mon...Mr. Modtomic is all about the dishes,

glassware, Pink Stuff, but jewelry...that's the Girlfriends thing! It's unfortunate that

the Girlfriend was unable to make this trip. She would have loved this shop and

probably would have made fast friends with Gogo.  I thought the shop was so

great that I came back the day after meeting Gogo and took some pics to share

here.  Enjoy!







  1. What a great shop! Thanks for sharing your visit with us. I think I actually swooned when I saw the chandelier. I think I'm in love.

    Kimberly Ann

  2. Yeah, and to know that the Chandelier can me made at home...SWEET!!!