Monday, November 29, 2010

Another Desk? Really? Hey Wait....It's Brasilia! Status: ...Traded Away 12/05/10


Oooo...pretty sweet, right?! This acquisition, I believe, is the product of Karma.

Let me explain. About a month ago I traded a baby blue vinyl sofa that was in the

living room / cocktail lounge for a REALLY cool Lane desk. Well, that left the

previous owner of the Lane desk...deskless. He wanted a desk that he could place

up against a wall without wasting the cool backside that the Lane had. I started

looking immediately.


Well, a few days ago I got a very nice e-mail via my Craigslist ad informing me of

another ad on Craigslist listing a Paul McCobb Planner Group desk that was in

pretty bad shape. It wasn't available at the time of my viewing the ad and I was

planning on being out of town when it did become available. Then my plans

changed and I was available but I remembered that the former owner of the Lane

desk needed a desk and thought this might just be the right desk for him. I shot

him an e-mail about it and waited to find out if he was able to grab it.


Then while out delivering goods yesterday I spotted this Broyhill Brasilia desk at

the Treasure Isle Antique Mall. I immediately called to find out if he had already

bought the McCobb or if he preferred the Brasilia, but I got voicemail and I just

couldn't wait. The Brasilia was too good a deal to pass up. I just plonked down the

cash and decided that if he hadn't gotten the McCobb desk then I'd get this one to

him...and if not, well...I'd be happy to keep it for myself! Turns out he bought the

McCobb desk so I get the Brasilia desk! Everybody wins! It pays to be nice!


Status update 12/06/10, I traded this desk to a buddy of mine (who is insane for the Brasilia!) for a cool console stereo and four Eames shell chairs.


  1. Good grief! If you keep showing all these great finds, I'm going to be tempted to pack up and move to Missouri.

  2. No no...just pack an overnight bag and drive a big box van! Bring lots of cash!

  3. Hmmmm...if I didn't know better, I'd think you had an ulterior motive...LOL It's probably better that I'm here in Texas, because if I came up there, I'd leave with two desks, since I wouldn't be able to decide between the Lane and the Brasilia. Not good, since what I really need is a sleeper sofa.

  4. Oddly, it seems that shortly after you post a piece (like this Brasilia desk) I spot the same or similar pieces here in Columbus. I just picked up this same desk and matching chair for $190 at a consignment store. Sadly, I missed the WHOLE Brasilia bedroom suite (for only $400!) by a week, at the same store.

  5. Hmmm, so is there anything in particular you'd like me to post about? Maybe there is some sort of magical link! Watch out for the Brasilia addiction. It can get pretty bad.

  6. Ooooh, please cause an Eames lounger with ottoman to be summoned to my local goodwill!
    Right now, I seem to be a magnet for desks; I have one of the big Drexel Profile desks, a medium size Drexel Profile w/ chair and an Arne Vodder.
    Also, I have dibs on an immaculate two tone blue (lt blue body w/ dark blue drawers) steelcase tanker desk, that I'm not buying until the owner digs up the key (all but one drawer is locked right now).