Thursday, November 25, 2010

Starbursts Vs. Amoebas. Oooh...The Battle Is ON! Status: On Like Donkey Kong!


Which do YOU think better represents the Mid-Twentieth-Century Aesthetic? Vote for your favorite!


These, as far as I know, are referred to as Parfait glasses. I use them as beer

glasses as well. I think they might be by Libbey. Nice black and gold amoebas or



These look like very small Martini Glasses, but I think they are for sipping small

amounts of strong liqueur. I used buy this liqueur called Kashmir. It's unfortunately

no longer available, but these glasses would be perfect for sipping it. Aren't the

delicate little cut Starbursts amazing?


More Biomorphic Amoebas! Water glasses. I still keep them at the bar. Great for

Cuba Libres (rum & Coke)!


More Mystery size glassware. Too big to be Shot Glasses, but too little for a mixed

drink! Again, I use them to serve sipping drinks. These have beautiful cut multi

bursts on each side.

So which do you prefer? Starburst or Amoebas? It's up to you, the reader to decide!


  1. I'm an amoeba girl myself. Well, not a real amoeba...but you get my drift. Nothing says mid-century to me like amoebae and boomerangs.

    From your description, I'm guessing your mystery size glasses are cordial glasses (also called pony glasses), which usually hold about 2-3 ounces. And you're right about using them for sipping drinks like liqueurs or if you have a really expensive bottle of wine and want everyone at your party to have a taste.

    Now I need to get off this computer and get moving on the Thanksgiving festivities. Have a good one yourself!

  2. Starbursts or Amoebas? That's like Sophie's choice! I guess if I can't have both, I'll take Starbursts.

  3. I am fond of the black and gold motif. When I was growing up our "rich" cousins had bar ware in black and gold - epitome of Mid Century Modern.
    Just found some Hazel Atlas Orchard snack and sip plates at Goodwill. No cups and I got 7 plates (odd number will bug me) On the lookout for the cups. Keep posting on Indy CL. Flaggers come and go. Most of us like your posts. Not much MCM in Indy.

  4. My vote is for the Amoebas. But I like biomorphic shapes while I enjoy a cocktail.

  5. Amoebas! I have a set of those aqua ones.

  6. Looks Like Amoebas are pulling ahead! You Starburst people gonna sit idly by and let them Biomorphs take the trophy?

    Dana - YES! Cordials! Exactly...I NEW that, Really...I did! Thanks Dana.

    Kate - It isn't the Flaggers right now. C-list has some new issues that I'm dealing with as far a posting in other cities. I've got a work around for Chicago up but it's less than ideal and I just haven't had a chance to further experiment. It's some new "Ghosting" filters that they've added to keep Spam to a reasonable level. Unfortunately it also targets my ads too. Basically, I'll have an ad back up that just shows a few items and a link to my StL. ads to see the rest. I could do a whole blog entry on my C-list woes, workarounds and little victories some day.

  7. I love the starburst. I don't know that it is as iconic as the other shapes, but it's my personal favorite. :)