Saturday, November 27, 2010

See! She's An Enabler! I'd Probably Be Just A Normal Guy With CARS In The Garage If It Wasn't For HER! Status: Me - Great Big Liar / Her - Great Big Enabler.

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That's Right! Looky...There's the PROOF! Those are all HERS!!! That's Right...HERS!

So maybe I have a "Collecting" "Problem", whatev... I'm not the only one! She

started it! And it is quite a collection isn't it! She's been mumbling and grumbling

about getting something to display her "stuff" for months now. We found the

blonde cubby display last weekend at a Goodwill in St. Charles Mo. and I finally

got it up a few days ago. It took her about Five Minutes to fill it up and yell


It's pretty cool isn't it. She's pretty picky about her Salt and Pepper shakers. She

won't buy just any set. She isn't into the sets with States or Places. Images of any

kind seem to be a deal breaker unless the set is otherwise Very Cool. She actually

has yet Another Box of these to open and find a place for! For now please enjoy

these images.



  1. Love it!
    If the local Goodwill had one of those blonde cubby's I'd probably drop dead from surprise.
    That in itself is a fantastic find.

  2. bob - We ARE blessed here in the Lou' with really really good thrift stores...and lots of them! But this wall cubby...well this is almost a guilty purchase. After buying almost nothing but vintage for so long, it feels kinda dirty buying something merely "used".