Monday, November 8, 2010

And Believe It Or Not, This Isn't Even All Of It! Southern Comfort Barware...Yet Another Collection. Status: Beautiful AND Useful!


Wow, yeah...that's a lot of SoCo barware! This I use. I have plenty so I don't worry too much about it getting broken.


I do actually have yet MORE of this at the Bungalow! I even have some Napkins that are printed up with the SoCo Steamboat design (New in Package)!


The Highballs on the side table are the "Extras". I need to run them through dishwater so I can start using them. They were out in the Garage before shooting this set. I'd rather they get broke or lost first! The gold rim on those is the most worn off.


The Carrier isn't SoCo, but the Highballs fit so well...I just couldn't resist! Almost all of these have come from various Thrift Stores around town. I may have picked up a few here and there at the Flea Mkts. too.


Tom Collins Glasses.


Highball Glasses.


"Double" Rocks Glasses.


Cocktail Glasses. Note the "misprint".


Rocks Glasses


  1. The spell check on Firefox kept on insisting that my original spelling "Coctail" was missing a 'K'.
    I just gave up on bucking the trend.
    They're either going with the theory that the term came from an industrious Barman who put a feather from a Rooster's tail in his drinks as a handy organic stirrer, or the 80's Stephanie Hodge monologue.
    Either way, I'd rather just drink a few than try to spell it. (It becomes noticeably harder afterward, for some strange reason.)

  2. Oh man! I just did a post about a Southern Comfort drink recipe pamphlet that advertises these glasses, expressing my hope that I come across them someday. Seems like you did, and in SPADES! :) So neat! I'm glad you posted this so I could get a look at them up close!

  3. Lisa - I think St. Louis was a Major distribution point for SoCo. I've found Lots and Lots of SoCo stuff at both Estate Sales (Brand New In Box!) and at the Thrift Stores. I to have the Drink Recipe "book" you speak of. A SoCo Collins anyone? I'm surprised they didn't find a way to make a Bloody SoCo Mary!