Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Where's Eero? Please Tell Me You "Get It". Status: Diamond In The Rough?


Yes my friends, that is an Eero Saarinen (designed the Gateway Arch!) executive chair by Knoll stuffed in there. It might be coming home with me tomorrow along with a half dozen of his buddies!


Mmmm, And Very comfortable, too! Six more Saarinen executive chairs

by knoll. Found these sorta round about. They were in the background of a pic of

a different item for sale on Craigslist. I made an inquiry and will be purchasing

them tomorrow! They will be available soon if anybody is interested.



How about these? Also Knoll. Designer unknown. Very pretty. They'd make nice

dining chairs or desk chairs. Even occasional chairs. I could see one of these

being used like my reading nook chair in the bedroom. I believe they are referred

to as Guest Chairs. I'm enamored of the bentwood Arms, Legs and Framing.

Anybody know anything more about these?


Check out these HUGE....HUGE executive desks! The picture belies how large

these are. Note how Squat the desk looks? It's not squat at all. It's just such a

large surface that it creates a weird aspect ratio between the surface size and the

height of the surface! You could land jets on this thing if you tossed it into the

ocean (cue the Top Gun theme song!). There were tons (literally...probably, these

are built like tanks) of matching credenzas and "two high" file cabinets.


They didn't have tops installed but I bet there are tops for these laying around in

this warehouse. How about using a piece of marble or granite and turning one of

these into your patio table? I'm going to poke around in this place some more after

I purchase the Saarinen chairs to see what other treasures I can uncover, when I

get a chance. Stay tuned!


  1. Dag, it was too messy out today to do anything but sleep in. The seller actually called and asked if I wanted to postpone the buy 'cuz it's so miserable outside this morning. I'll have them next week and have better pics up.

  2. I see it I see it! Wow, real Saarinen? Go on with your bad as* self!! What a find!

  3. Has it occurred to anyone else that those huge executive desks look very much like a Jens Risom design? Dag, I'm gonna need a warehouse.