Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Picked Up Some Goodies in the French Quarter. It's Not The Bargain Capitol of the World, Being Able to Recognize Russel Wright Under a Thick Layer of Dust Helps! Status: Added to the China Cab.


This is all Russel Wright Iroquois Casual China. It was stuck inside a wooden fruit crate turned on it's side under a layer of dust in an under lit Junque shop in the French Quarter. Mr. Modtomic LOVES a challenge!
Six pieces for $35. I instantly recognized the salt/pepper shaker and the sugar

bowl. Then I just started flipping the rest of the pieces over to be sure. It was

so dark that I didn't see the mark on the 32oz. water pitcher so I wasn't sure it

was Russel Wright. I had never seen one like it before. I picked this all up the

last full day we were there, Saturday.

I didn't start doing any research on the pitcher until I was describing it to my Mom.

I thought it might worth maybe $35 or so, so I looked it up on Replacements Ltd.

just for fun. They sell these for from about $100 to $160! I then thought, "well

yeah, but that's just Repl. Ltd. What do they SELL for on Ebay?" I did a

"completed listings" search to see what they have sold for in the recent past and

guess what...about the same! Wow! Score!


On a related note, (secondhand) Hannah had mention on another Russel Wright

that she thought she had seen some "new" Russel Wright pieces. She is

correct. Apparently Oneida has had reissues of many of the Russel Wright

designs available for a while now. I've read on JetSetModern.com that they are or

at least were available at Bed, Bath & Beyond! I might have to take a little trip over

to the local shop to see if they still got 'em. It would be nice to be able to have a

nice little set for everyday use or to buy as a gift for my hopelessly style deprived

friends! Here are a few pieces that have trickled down to the Antique Malls here

around town.


Mister Modtomic is NOT a hand model and apologizes to everybody!


  1. These are so lovely! I love love the color.

  2. I agree completely. The colors are all complimentary so that you can either stick with one or mix and match to your heart's desire!

  3. What a great score! I love the color as well.

  4. It is a great score...but now, cuz I'm kinda nuts about completing sets...I have to get the other Salt / Pepper shaker and the Creamer that fits on top of the Sugar Bowl! I'm pretty sure I know exactly where to go. There is a Dish shop here in St. Louis on Cherokee St. that has an excellent selection on both Stubenville and Iroquois Casual lines of Russel Wright. Maybe I'll go by and shoot some pics and make a posting of it!

  5. I'm a Russel Wright addict and post about it often on my blog. I have tons of Iroquois Casual in ripe apricot and avocado yellow that I use every day...and even run through the dishwasher. The stuff is indestructible! I have another set that I display. I also have some Steubenville and Oneida reissues I'm selling in coral and granite gray. Can't wait to see what other pieces you find to complete your set.

  6. Here's a post you might get a kick out of...about the agony and the ecstasy of a Russel Wright score.


    And, yes, I'm finally going to bed. I think I got manic with the comments. :)

  7. There is a big Mid-Mod estate sale tomorrow morning with a large set of Grey and ANOTHER large set of Chartreuse Stubenville available. I might have to get up early (Mr. Modtomic is NOT a morning person) and attend.

  8. Oh, and Dana...that post is a little heartbreaking. Glad you found a replacement.