Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lovin' Me Some Green Lamps People! Cuz All the Good Things in Life Are Pesto....and Money. Status: Ambient


I'm not sure how I ended up with so many Green Lamps. I don't really collect by design so much. I just buy what strikes me.


This "tall" lamp was found at the Six Flags over Mid America parking lot. This

is held in conjunction with an Auto Swap Meet every Spring. It's billed as the

"MidWest's Largest Garage Sale and Swap Meet" but I think that may be

debatable. The base of this lamp is actually pretty short. It's the shade that give

this one it's gravitas. I was using this in the bedroom until I found shades for the

danish lamps in there now


When the Girlfriend was renting in Tower Grove East in South City we had some

pretty cool neighbors who ended up in a pickle when the housing market bubble

burst. Their landlord let the property go into foreclosure just after they moved into

their flat. So they had a garage sale and while going through the basement,

helping take pics of stuff to sell, I found the bases. They said I could have them

and it (as always seems to be the case) took what seemed forever to find the

shades. But the shades turned up at a flea mkt. and fit just right!


This is one of a Pair of lamps that I traded something for...but for the life of me I

can't remember what! I love the hand made Barkcloth shades! I don't have them

both pictured because the mate is at the Bungalow. Suffice it to say, the other is



Here are a few pics of the matched pair.

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