Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Triangle Tidbit Plates X 5. White and Chrome Crackley Coolness. Status: Available...Times Five.


Dag, that's a pretty cool picture...if I do say so myself!

Doesn't every Mid Century pad need a place to drop the keys, another to put your

earrings in, another to uh, keep your change in, yet another to...mmmmm....let's

see...put the cat food in?, and what? ANOTHER? ::sigh:: Another to...well to....

uhm....put...your...I Don't Know, You'll Think Of Something!


I picked these up at the Salvation Army the same day I spotted the China Cabinet

that I featured a few days ago. It's a great shop to find smalls like these. I'm not

entirely sure how these plates were intended to be used originally. Probably

exactly as stated above. Keys, candy, whatnot. They definitely aren't ashtrays.

Too bad, they make great ashtrays if they had the cig. holder. Maybe you could

serve Sushi on them!


I wonder if there were originally six total. Maybe as part of a Lazy Susan. Sporting

the classic white and "chrome" web accent, they are super classy. Anybody know

what this kind of finish is actually called? Anybody take a ceramics class?


1 comment:

  1. It sure looks like there were supposed to be six, but I think the arrangement you have in the top picture looks better.
    A mix of English boiled sweets (What they call hard candy over here.) would be great on those.
    Some amber Barley Sugars, Black Liquorice, swirl patterned Mints........
    Or, the keys, spare change thing sounds good too.