Friday, November 12, 2010

Vintage "Melmac" Plastic Dishware in Chartreuse. Procured at the Belleville Flea Market. Status: these are the Little Lady's


The Girlfriend not only collects Vintage Costume Jewelry, but also Melmac dishware. She has a Thing for old plastic. I'm not sure what that says about me.


Turns out that 20 bucks at the Belleville Flea Market buys you a Very Nice place

setting for 6 of Daileyware by Home Decorators, Inc. None of the pieces have

utensil marks or really any sign of wear. There was even an extra China dinner

size plate that matches the color exactly! We have a few more sets of Melmac

dinnerware boxed up out in the garage. Some day I'll have to get out there and

sort it all out. Maybe display it all in the china cabinet for a while. If you look closely

you can see the subtle color variation of the plastic in each piece. It reminds me of

the confetti colored Melmac pieces but less obvious.






  1. Great set and what an awesome color! Score for the GF!

  2. No doubt! I didn't think much of this set until I pulled it all out to take these pics. Now I'm all over them! I didn't realize it was a full set either.

  3. Luvverly!
    Not recommended for Microwaving or Greek weddings, though. ;-)