Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Presenting: (drumroll) The Eero Saarinen Executive Chairs By Knoll! Status: Sittin' Pretty & Totally Avaiable


My first effort at real High End. Genuine Knoll quality and amazing design by the architect of the Gateway Arch! Oh yeah, they're comfy too! Supportive and Firm!

I found these at an office furniture clearing house here in St. Louis about two

weeks ago. They were in the picture of a conference table that was available on

Craigslist. I had no use for the table but decided to ask about the chairs on the off

chance they could be had. They could and I finally got around to seeing them a

few days ago
. We settled on a price and I picked them up yesterday. So it is only

now that I can finally get some decent pics for you.


I'm not gonna try to present even a brief report on Eero Saarinen since all that

info is out there for anyone who might be even slightly curious. I will limit this to just

letting anybody know, who may not have heard of Mr. Saarinen, that he designed

some of our most classic, mid twentieth century furniture designs such as the

Womb Chair, the Tulip Table and Chairs, the Executive Chair, and the

Grasshopper Chair. Although we lust for the smaller bits that we might furnish our

homes with, we must certainly not forget Saarinen's achievements in architecture.

But I digress. I'm not gonna try to one up Wikipedia or all of the internet! I ain't got

it in me!


These Executive Chairs have adjustable tilt and swivel and also have casters. The

casters are easily removed if you'd like to set these around a dining table. The

bases are easily removed with just eight screws and I believe could be replaced

with standard legs which, if one were so inclined, I'm sure are available through

Knoll. The design is modern but classical enough that they won't be outdated any

time soon. This same basic chair has been in production since 1957! Don't you

need one of these for your den or office or a few placed around your dining table?

Please check my ads to inquire of their availability.



  1. Love the Eero! I frequently ice skate at the Yale Whale (Ingalls Rink.) These chairs look like they are in great shape.

  2. They are in great shape...seemingly unused! I'm sitting in the one pictured right now and wow is it comfy. I might have to keep a couple for myself! There was one more there that seemed to be older, the blue one in the opening picture of my post. Maybe I'll go get that one too, in case I end up selling all of these!

  3. Santa's going to need a bigger sleigh to bring these to me! Capital F-abulous!