Friday, December 17, 2010

Ain't This Just About The Sexiest Black Leather Sofa You Ever Wanted To Sprawl Out On? Status: Yeah, Still Needs A Little Cleanup...I Couldn't Wait!


::Shakes Head:: This was found at the Goodwill just down the road a bit from here! It's REAL Leather. It's Thayer Coggin! It's from 1969! It's older than Mr. Modtomic!


I know! Someone just couldn't stand to have this anymore and deposited it at the

Goodwill's back door! There are a few bumps, bruises and some paint splatter on

it but it is cleaning up nice and is in amazingly good condition for being 41 plus

years old.


I'm having trouble finding a "comparable" on the web but I get the feeling it might

be a Milo Baughman design. Anybody got an opinion one way or the other

concerning this theory? I wonder if I contacted Thayer Coggin (which still makes

cool furniture BTW) if they might be able to shed some light on this idea.


I'm thinking REAL hard about putting this in the family room and taking out  the

green sofa
. I might put the green one in the living room / cocktail lounge where the

blue vinyl sofa used to be. No clear plans yet. I am making the Thayer Coggin

available, but it ain't gonna be cheap by any means. The more I look at it the more

I am falling for it.



  1. Given his lengthy association with Thayer Coggin, I wouldn't doubt that this is indeed Baughman's design. I vote this stays on the keep list! It's classic a style that will always look current.

  2. *sigh* This is exactly what I've been looking for. I need to start frequenting Goodwills in the area

  3. Nathan - Dang, looks like I might not have much of a choice. The Craigslist Powers (idiots) That Be have mad it VERY difficult for me to get an ad up. All my ads have been "ghosted" (the ad shows as "current" on my account but never shows up where anybody else can see it, like a ghost in purgatory). I tried for a couple hours last night / this morning to get any kind of ad up to no effect, but was able to get a very generic ad up just a few minuted ago. I need to spend some more time figuring out what it is about my ads that The Powers (idiots) That Be don't like. Stay tuned.

    Abby - Find all your local thrift stores and make a schedule. I'd suggest the SalvArmy on Cherokee street, the SalvArmy and Goodwill on Forest Park Pkwy, the Value Village in Kenrick Plaza, the Goodwill on Bayless and the Family Thrift store on Lemay Ferry (found nearly mint 1950s vintage LEVIS jacket worth upwards of $300 there!). Just drop in every once in a while to see what they got. You just never know what you'll come across.

  4. Love it, and love the blog. You might want to check out a very similar sofa on eBay right now.

  5. I'd vote for putting it in the cocktail lounge.
    Nothing's quite as cool as sipping Martinis, whilst sitting on a leather sofa.

  6. Evan - Thanks for the lead. That's a pretty cool sofa. I love the tapper legs. I kinda wish the one I have had legs like that. I'm gonna see if they screw off and maybe put them away and replace them with tappers.

    bob - I think that's where it's going. I put it on C-list for a day (@ $500) before the Girlfriend said we should keep it. It just won't work so great in the "family" room since the leather would suck out your body heat while watching TV. Maybe come summer I'll move it into the "family" room when the coolness of leather will be welcome.

  7. I love it, its fantastic sofas in to the post, i want to seat on it.
    Leather sectionals

  8. john - Thanks, it's pretty chilly here in St. Louis right now and the leather tends to absorb body heat so you might not want to sit on it right now!