Monday, December 6, 2010

Charles And Ray Are Paying A Little Visit. Well, OK...Not Charles And Ray, But Their Proxy By Way Of Four Shell Chairs! Status: Sorry...Gone.


Yup, these were thrown in to sweeten a trade I made today. I (only just) reluctantly gave up the Broyhill Brasilia desk that I picked up last weekend for these four Herman Miller "Zeeland" shell chairs designed by Charles and Ray Eames as well as a pretty cool console stereo that I'll get a post of up soon.


Nice labels huh?! Disregard the chewing gum please. This is, I think, what we are

looking for when buying, selling or trading the Eames fiberglass shell chairs, the

labeling that is...not the gum. The gum just ads to the authenticity, me thinks. I've

never owned any Eames chairs before and I haven't done much research on them

yet. I do know that Charles Eames was born here in St. Louis Mo and studied at

Washington University. There's the StL connection!


The stacking bases are not my first choice for these chairs but the good news is

that there are quite a few options available for replacing them. And for real, the

vintage industrial style seems to be growing in popularity so perhaps these will

some day be THE base of choice!


  1. Those look like mine! Maybe mine are a little darker... They are the best chairs evah. We have the "H" bases, not the stacking like yours, and I'd like to someday switch them to wood dowel bases. If you ever sell them, I would recommend eBay. The bids get bananas on there. And a good resource for researching them is, where there is also an excellent tutorial on how to get them all shiny and new. I used it for mine, and it was very very helpful. Yay for Eames chairs!

  2. adriane - Thanks for "www." I'll check it out when (if?) I recover from the party. BTW...I'm the guy in the "Jack" mask and black suit (only other pic of me has blurry face...kinda how I was seeing everybody else!).

  3. Great chairs...but I'm a little sad to see the Brasilia desk go. I'll be in mourning when the Lane desk sells!

  4. The wheeling and dealing we do to get our mid-century furniture is pretty interesting, when you stop to think about it. I traded a big gas grill for my yellow vinyl-covered Eames shell chair. It was on a pedestal base, but I've since replaced that with the Eiffel rocker base. I'll post a picture of it one day soon.

  5. Dana - I've already been talking to a buyer about the Lane, it might not be around much longer. I'm always doin' SOME sort of wheelin' and dealin'! The trading thing is a new wrinkle though.