Thursday, December 2, 2010

There Are No Small Smalls, Just Small Minds! Status: Loved Like They're Bigs!


More thrift store little treasures culled last weekend. Just got around to pulling the bags out of the car this morning.

I get so busy with Stuff that I sometimes forget that I found all great junk over the



I found the 4 Frankoma mugs at the Salvation Army Thrift store on Cherokee

a couple blocks up from Retro 101. There are all great Mexican and South

American restaurants in the area but I was too busy to stop for a bite. I highly

recommend a browse through the area if you have the time.


I found the 6 little Cordials at the Salvation Army thrift store that had all the cool

dressers last Saturday


The Anchor Hocking Manhattan dishes in green were sittin' around at the Goodwill

up the street from the SalvArmy on Forest Park Pkwy. Note (to my bitter

disappointment but not to my surprise) that they do not floresce under a black

light like the piece of depression glass shown for comparison.


The pretty little pink lamp was at the Goodwill just down the street here in

Florissant on Lindbergh Blvd
. as was the great Basset long low mid century

dresser (I know...not a small, but it was there...I had the do the



I've had the little roll clock for a few weeks now but haven't featured it yet (it was

getting huffy with me about it) so I thought I'd toss it in here with the new smalls.


  1. My mom used those exact glasses to serve us juice all the years we were growing up. Love the pink lamp! I have Bassett end tables with the same logo. When I got them, I contacted the company, and they told me they quit using that logo in the early 70s.

  2. Love the pink lamp (I'm really liking pink lately), you obviously got there before I did, I went just yesterday...but it was after I got my eyes dialated so I might not have seen it. Saw the dresser too, love the shape.

  3. I'm glad it is not only me who takes a week to get bags out of the car, love those mugs!!!

  4. Dana - That logo SO smacks of the '70s! And those little glasses would be perfect for orange juice (you know...with some vodka maybe). I wish you were closer or in the area, we're having a party Sat. evening. I get to play with all my vintage barware!

    Sue - I could just see you bumping around in there like Mr. Magoo! I usually head straight for the art in the back, then the furniture and last the smalls and dishes...sometimes if I have time to kill, I'll look through the books and LPs. I just let go of the King Size Danish Headboard I bought there. It's found a new home in Detroit!

  5. Anony - I usually get them out of the car in a timely manner...but then they sometimes lay about the livingroom floor or on the couch for anywhere from a few days to many weeks, depending on my level of electrolytes when they were put there.

  6. I follow the same path thru the store!

  7. Since nobody else commented on the flip clock....
    That's exactly the stuff I scour my local Goodwill for. (Generally with no luck.)