Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Place To Rest Your Weary Bum While Pickling Your Liver! Status: Likes...Big...Butts & They Cannot Lie...


These sweet bar stools were a Craigslist snatching. These were bought out of need as we were putting together our liqueur dispensary (back down at the South City pad) and figured it might be nice for some folks who might over indulge (you know who you are...OK, I know who I am) to have a place to Plant It.


These showed up in short order. I bought them from a nice lady in Columbia Il.

who occasionally lists pretty cool stuff on C-list. I've been back to her place a few

times to buy other items, including a Philco Predicta TV! These were a little more

than I might usually pay for bar stools, but do you think I might find these ever

again? Probably not!


One of these day's I'm gonna clean up the wear areas on the back rest. At one of

our first parties, a very drunk and sizable friend leaned back too far too many

times and bent a backrest. I had to put some brute force to use to get it back in

shape, so I know that these need to be treated kindly. They are not industrial

strength. I just hope that I don't one day have to treat these like I do my Selig Z

chair and "hide" them in the garage when a party is imminent!



  1. Those are gorgeous! I agree that the one bad thing about owning vintage furniture is worrying about every little scratch and ding (and bent backs, I guess). It's not like you can just go online and find a replacement, so you do tend to guard them a bit more than you would other furniture. I have to "babyproof" when my grandson comes over.

  2. Just seeing this post now. These are gorgeous! Yes, they look delicate. I get the "hiding" certain things when people come over.

  3. Dana - (sorry so late!) I try not to worry too much and I'm getting pretty good about placing the right KIND of furniture in the right place. Like the glass top Pearsall coffee table in the family room. Now I don't have to worry so much about water rings, and this is were they are most likely to happen.

    Rhan - They are pretty robust but could use some of that glue you see at antique malls to squirt in the joints. Plus most of our friends are getting to an age where they just don't over do the alcohol like they (we) used to. Now it's more of a quality than quantity thing. Maybe some day I'll feel like that about my furnishings! Neah...