Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hey DJ Won'tcha Play That Song...Keep Me Dancin' Dancin' Allnight Allnight. Status: Gone 01-30-11


You know you always wanted to be a DJ! Here's your wheels of steel! Well, wheel of steel anyway! And it's probably not steel...whatev'.


I traded the Broyhill Basilia desk for this and the Eames Shell chairs last weekend.

It was an act of mercy. A buddy of mine was desperate for the desk. I might have a

lot of Brasilia but I'm not nearly as crazy about it as he. Anyway, he's happy...I'm

happy (I might just keep sounds really good!) so all's well in the StL.


The electronics are all in working order. Turntable turns, radio pulls a strong

signal, plenty of "loudness"! The bass in these type of stereos is always a strong

point. I guess the cabinetry gives these a very thick, rich sound.


Note in the above pictures how the "doors" slide sideways to cover the speakers

for protection when not in use! It's the little details that make the difference.


The top has some finish issues but if I don't end up selling it, I'll try my hand at

refinishing just the top and see if I can help it out. Shouldn't be too difficult. And it's

not a priceless antique either.

Status update: Gone as of 01-30-11.


  1. Love the speaker panels! Do you have a vinyl collection?

  2. Congratulations for landing a console stereo in good condition!
    I never seem to see anything in the local thrift shops without torn speaker grilles or completely functioning electronics.
    Magnavox and RCA had the best ones out there, but it seems to be nearly impossible to find one that looks like it hasn't been through a cataclysm these days.

  3. Mono - I DO have lot's of vinyl! I loved playing the Christmas LPs at the party. Bing, Dean Martin, Elvis...all the greats.

    bob - I didn't get this at a thrift store. I traded a buddy for it. About the only way to find a really nice one is to buy it from it's original owner. Estate sales, Garage sales and Craigslist ads are the way to go. My favorite ones are the Grundig consoles, and yes...I have seen these for sale from time to time at reasonable prices!