Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Am I Kinda Weird? I Mean...Bowling Bags? Status: Out In The Garage Collecting Cobwebs.


It's not only a strange collection, it's hard to display! But c'mon, don't these just Scream 1950s, 1960s!?!?


I have managed to curb my enthusiasm for collecting these. I realized I just had no

way to properly display them. I need like, a china cabinet for them! The good news

it that we actually USE two of them! We do occasionally GO Bowling! Tropicana

lanes in Clayton may have the best neon sign
, but for my money...I prefer to bowl

at the Oldest Lanes west of the Mississippi River; Saratoga Lanes in Maplewood

(where I grew up!).


Maybe some day I'll find a cool set of Bowling Lockers to put in the laundry room

and display all these bags in there! Who knows, maybe I should sell them as

ladies retro handbags. All but the baby blue one with white & blue starbursts and

my dark blue side zip one. We use those. And how 'bout those vintage wingtip

bowling shoes? His and Hers! Wheeeeeee!




  1. I love old bowling bags but I never pick them up because like you said; hard to display. I always think "What would I really do with one if I bought it"? I thought about carrying them as a purse then realized that was just not practical. Love your collection though!!

  2. These are very hot with the NY hipster crowd. Post on the NYC Craigslist and you could make your money back and then some, even with shipping!

  3. Rhan - I almost always leap first then look, especially when something is like 2 or 3 bucks. I'll figure out a way to display them properly sooner or later.

    mono - I KNEW they had a value beyond the obvious Somewhere!

  4. I have a display suggestion...maybe a bit corny but 'tis the season. Cut out a piece triangular of plywood (tree shape). You'll need a base of some sort (small stump?). Paint it, hang the bags on it and you have your Bowling Ball Bag Christmas tree. Start with 1 bag at the top, 2 for next row, 3 for bottom row. If you want a larger tree, you're gonna need more bags! :) Who says you couldn't do this for lots of holidays? I could see a big green shamrock with bags hanging from it.

  5. Krazy - "If you want a larger tree, you're gonna need more bags!" - Oh, I got more! I got lots more! I could have a couple trees. I'll probably just make some small shelves to display them in the laundry room. I don't know why I keep thinking that the laundry room is the best place for them.

  6. Wow a little late on this post, but I have been looking for vintage bowling bags! I scored one at a garage sale as a teenager (I had the flare for vintage even then) and when I moved out on my own left it in storage (aka my rents' basement) and my mom threw it out. I'm crushed.

  7. Laura - I see so many of these at the Thrift Stores. I just have to resist or I'll have a garage full of just Bowling Bags! Check your local Thrift stores.