Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cool Stuff Purchased On Chicago Trip. Status: Mr. Modtomic Sick...Not Feeling Good.


Nice score, eh? This goes right in with the rest of the rest of the Franciscan Autumn collection. It wasn't thrift store priced by any means but was still a pretty good deal. After the Sale discount I paid $22.40 for the Salad Bowl and $6.40 for the crescent plate. Not too shabby!

...Also picked up these Hazel Atlas Orchard snack trays from the Broadway

Antique Mall.


Two boxes with four sets in each for $30. So I now have eleven complete sets and

an extra three plates.


On our way TOO chicago I always have to stop at a couple of the antique malls

that line the edge of Interstate 55 (which replaced Route 66). I picked up these

really cool lampshades at one of them for just $15 each.


I don't have lamps for them just yet, but I'm always passing on lamps at the thrift

stores that don't have shades because the shades are so difficult to find at

reasonable prices.


Well, now I have a little stash waiting for bases! Of course I'll be showing off the

complete lamps when they show up.



  1. Feel better! Its been going around.

  2. I am so with you about finding lamp shades for a good price - bases abound! Those are fabulous shades and such a deal. Hope you get to feeling better!

  3. I hope you feel better soon!

  4. I'm pretty sure I got some bad food somehow. Once I "purged" I was immediately better. Unfortunately I was in Terrible Pain for about 5 hours. I seriously thought I was having an appendicitis attack! It hurt so bad and I just couldn't do ANYTHING to make it better. I ended up laying face down on the (heated) floor and that seemed to help a teeny bit.

    Hunting T - Yeah, shades are so delicate and easy to mess up. That's why they cost so much at the vintage shops!