Friday, December 24, 2010

I've Finally Dragged Out The Winter Collection. C'mon, Winter Just Started...Right? Status: Not Too Late.


So It's not up in the China Cabinet yet but will be soon. Maybe this weekend if I can find time.


I started this set of Salem North Star with a Craigslist purchase of 8 settings for

$75. I've since added bits and pieces acquired at thrift stores and flea markets. I

can now serve 12 people comfortably as long as nobody whines about their

saucer not having the pattern that their neighbor has (only 8 saucers with



And what a great pattern. I've wanted a set of this for a long time. I remember

seeing a few pieces of this at an estate sale many years ago and how pricey

(even at an estate sale!) it was. It just hollers "Modern Atomic" or ModTomic as I'd

like to put it!


Unfortunately...I found that Salem also offered this pattern in a PINK hue! And of

course, now I want that set too!



  1. Great collection! I hope you and The Girlfriend have a wonderful Christmas Day.

  2. Dana - Thanks, we had a nice day (and just got back from seeing Tron 3-D [pretty cool]). I really DO have a problem with the dishes, right?

  3. I have North Star too! But, I've only got a set of 4. Would LOVE a set of 12! Gotta love the starburst huh?!

  4. Rhan - I had forgotten that I had added to this set before I took these pics. I was sure I only had the set for 8!

  5. Knowing the daughter was going to have a baby right after Christmas, I had written several posts ahead of time, and coincidentally, I had done one including pictures of the two pink Salem styles similar to North Star: Martinique and Hopscotch Pink. I'm still not sure why they had two almost identical pink patterns. Weird.

  6. We have a small set of Salem Northstar I bought at our thrift store. It's a partial place setting for 4 people. We have full size plates, little tiny saucer size plates, and what we affectionately call "monkey dishes". I'm always on the hunt for more but don't want to pay the markup on eBay.

  7. Dana - It is weird that they made two slightly different pink patterns. Thanks for providing the names of those patterns!

    Syn - You gotta look at the prices as you would for New dishes. Even eBay prices aren't too bad. They're not thrift prices but sometimes you just can't wait for the windfall. I bet that's how eBay snags so many customers! Get a startup incomplete set at the thrift store then have to complete it!

  8. I have a mixed set of 20 pieces of Salem Northstar that I'm looking to sell to someone who appreciates. Includes 6 - 10" dinner plates, 3 bread, 5 saucers, 2 lrg bowls, 4 berry bowls. Selling all for $50. one piece with minor chip/hairline crack. Due to weight - probably about $35 to ship. email me