Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mr. Telephone Man...There's Something Wrong With My Line...When I Dial My Baby's Number...I Get a "Click" Every Time. Status: Ain't No Ringing Goin' On Here.


You've no doubt noticed the yellow telephone in the background of some (OK, ALOT) of my pics. It's just one of many....of course.

Yup. Another collection. I've got a collection of collections. Oddly, I can't remember

where I got the first yellow table phone, but I picked up the other yellow one in

Oakland California at a Flea Market out there and the blue and black ones came

from the Wentzville Flea Market here in Missouri.


As you can see the black wall phone needs some cosmetic work. I'm gonna fill the

holes and paint the body satin black leaving the dial as is. I might gut it to put our

wireless router inside.


This is the Oakland Ca. Flea Market phone. I had to actually do some haggling to

get this. I asked what they wanted for it (it wasn't marked...I HATE that), they

countered by asking me to make an offer. I offered $5. They (somewhat offended

seemingly) shook there head and walked away. I shrugged and went about my

business as well. I came back about 30 minutes later and asked if they'd take my

last $8 and the deal was done. I hate to haggle.


This one came with the black wall phone from the Wentzville Flea Market. I had to

have it since it has the shoulder rest. It obviously needs some cleanup but it'll look

great once done.


And last but not least...the old standard. The yellow phone that I can't remember

where I got it. That's so weird. I usually remember these things. I think it might

have come from the Belleville Flea Market but I can't be certain.

Ya know what...I actually have yet another blue one AND the beige one available

on my ad! Six, count them SIX rotary phones! Yet no land line. You do the math...

and find me crazy.


  1. I don't particularly mind haggling, but I want them to give me some sort of starting point and not make me guess whether they think something's worth $2 or $200. It always annoys me when they don't give you a hint and then get miffed at your offer.

  2. awe you're missing out a bit by not having a land line. if any of those phones have the intact wall cord, a simple piece from radio shack can connect it to a modern phone jack. there's nothing quite like hearing that loud ring!

  3. I just love these. I have a few myself that are just for looks and daily admiration. I should get around to actually hooking up a land line. I love that blue one of yours -and it even has a shoulder rest. Too cool!

  4. I don't like to haggle, either, and don't like it when they don't have items marked. You have some super rad phones!

  5. Dana - I kinda understand what their angle is. All this stuff is only worth what someone will give for it, right? Well, what I'll give is different than what a lot of other people might. I am not only Mr. Modtomic, but also Mr. Cheapo! I'd never pay what a lot of people on Ebay pay for things. So leaving that starting point open leaves it open for a higher starting point.

    Stacey - I know! I know! But it's kinda hard to justify having a land line JUST to hear a ringer!

    Timmy - Ha! A quaint. Cell phones sooo killed the payphone industry. If I had endless display area I'd have one of those old phone booths though.

    Rhan - Yeah, the blue came packaged with the black one at the flea market. I had to have it BECAUSE of the shoulder rest! How often are you gonna find one of those?

    Hunting T - Thank ya! The Mom thinks I'm nuts cuz I don't haggle more...even at the Antique Mall! Really? At the Antique Mall? That just seems cheap.