Saturday, December 4, 2010

Swiiiisshhhhhh......BOOM...crackly crackle crackle! My Family Room Wall Looks Like The Frickin Fourth Of July! Status: Needing Batteries.

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It's like Christmas in's like July in...oh never mind. Whadooya think of the collection?

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The Big black clock was the first to arrive. I found it on Craigslist. It was just $20! I

was having issues finding a time to meet with the seller and finally the seller

suggested that they could just leave the clock on their front porch and I could slip

the dough through the mail slot! Fine by me. And that's how it went down!

Sometimes people just need to be rid of stuff. It's a wind up 8 day by Welby but

I've never bothered to try it out.

1 Big Black edit1 Little Black edit

The smaller black and gold clock was next. It came from the Wentzville Flea

back this summer. I got it home and realized it was missing a couple of the

gold points so I removed a few more to make it even. I think it looks pretty cool like

this. It's a Westclox "nocord" but it's innards have been replaced with a battery

powered unit. I need to find some better "hands" for it. The ones on there don't

really match.

1 Red edit1 Wood edit

The two above were found just last weekend at the Treasure Isle antique mall. I

bought them the same day I bought the Brasilia desk. I thought I was making out

like a bandit too. They were both in their original packaging though the red one

had been opened before. I was thinking they were the George Nelson clocks from

Design Within Reach that go for like $300 each. Not so, I came to find out. These

are the George Nelson replicas from Verichron that go for little more than what I

paid, $40 each. The red one isn't as refined as the wood grain one, but both are

pretty nice and add much needed variety to the collection!


  1. Awesome display! I almost bought the same wood grain Verichron on Ebay last month. Seeing it displayed on you wall makes me wish I had purchased it.

  2. The wall looks great! The only vintage clock I have is a Russel Wright, and I always say I'm going to start a collection. Yours looks so good that I'm really inspired now.

  3. no wonder i can never find any.. you have them all! someone had one listed on craigstlist a couple months ago and i found it a little late, called, and he said he had thrown it away because no one wanted it. UGH

  4. Love them! You have the best luck with clocks.

  5. Thank you for posting this - you've substantiated my insistance here in the house that an empty wall is perfect for more than 1 starburst clock. ~SOMEONE~ here seems to think that one clock per wall per room is... normal. Blasphemy I say!

  6. I love a Starburst. The collection looks awesome!

  7. A friend told me about your blog. I just came across a website you might like:

  8. Krazy - The Verichrons are pretty reasonable. There are other places besides Ebay to buy them new. I can't seem to find another like the Red one.

    Dana - I've never seen a Russel Wright clock! Is it "easy" to read. You know...cuz the Wrights are all about "easy living"? There's probably a better joke in here somewhere.

    Bandita - there mine...All MINE!!! Ha Ha Ha!!! Oh c'mon, these things are Everywhere! Try estate sales and antique malls. I don't see them much at thrift stores though.

    mono - Not really, I had just the Big Black one for a VERY long time. Then I found the cream colored one that I sold a few weeks ago. I didn't put it up because it didn't really fit and I was trying to sell it. Then the smaller balck one showed up this summer so I put the two black ones up and waited. The last two were at the antique mall still in their boxes!

    Stacy - Don't ask, just do. It's easier to ask Forgiveness than Permission.

    Rhan - Thanks! See, this is why I think the Starburst is a better representative of the mid twentieth century than the amoeba!

    Anony - Thanks for the "WWW" (Swizzlestix)! Cool Mod textiles and whatnot!