Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One Of Our Two Cool Sofas. This One Is The Nap King!!! Status: Don't Even Think About It!


I have a great story about finding this sofa. It really nails my personality. Yes it was at a Thrift Store, blah blah blah.


So we're moving my girlfriend from South City (Tower Grove East, very beautiful

neighborhood, 100 year old homes) where she was renting the bottom of a two

family flat. I had scheduled my vacation for this week back in Jan., well before any

inklings of a house purchase had emerged. Turns out it's the first Seriously Hot

Week of summer. 95 plus and lots and lots of humidity. Typical St. Louis summer. I

swear to God, It Was 76 Degrees The Week Before!


We procured the use of a GIANT moving van but you know how it is with vintage

furniture, you can't just Pile it in there. So the move took a few days even With the

GIANT moving van. What we would do is fill the van as best we could and then we

had to wait for my Mom's boyfriend to drive it up to the new place since he wasn't

keen on me driving it. Whatever, I was fine with that. So after loading the van up,

we would make a few trips in Frank (our Focus Wagon). The problem with this

idea is that we had to drive really close to one of the Value village Thrift stores

many times each day!


On one of the trips up (to North County) I just couldn't stand it any more, we had

to stop! After poking around in the smalls for a few minutes I found this sofa. It had

a $75 tag on it....and was Half Off!!! So naturally, I pulled the tag off and went to

the check out and paid for it. Then I found the Girlfriend and showed her what we

just bought! She was all "Wait, don't we have like 5 couches already? Why do we

need another one?" And I was like "NO......we have 7...and cuz this one is

Awesome...duh. Plus, we might find a use for it!"


And a use for it we not only found, but we found we actually NEEDED it! So yeah,

while in the process of moving 7 other sofas, I HAD to buy another...and stuff it in

the back of Frank. And...AND...I had to replace the seat cushions as they were

just yellow toxic looking Dust! But, I win...cuz after a long morning of hitting the

Flea Market or Estate Sales, guess what...the Girlfriend ALWAYS calls this sofa

for a nap! Yes, this sofa, with it's new (from an airline re-upholstery small

business) cushions, is just sooooo comfortable. Even with the new cushions I have

less than $80 invested! Plus I still have enough cushion material out in the

Garage to do a whole another sofa!


  1. That green upholstery is so gorgeous! I can see why it's the perfect napping sofa ~ wide firm cushions are always a plus for my snoozing preferences.

  2. I need to get more info from you about where you got your replacement cushions. I need to get some, and it is always so expensive at the fabric store.

  3. Cool Couch! And don't you love Focus wagons?! I have a 2005..can fit SO much stuff in them..I was at a garage sale at the end of the day and someone asked me if I wanted a free chair: a vintage MINT Contour Chair-heated massage chair...Slid that baby right in the Focus!!

  4. I with Hannah.........spill the beans on the cushion hook up. Please?


  5. Hannah & Kim (quinn) - Here is the last E-mail I got from them. Please understand that this is OVER A YEAR AGO! But you're welcome to give them a try!

    "Hello to all, if anyone is still interested please get in touch I selling out fast, I have adjusted the prices acording to wholesale USA charges, MY PRICE IS 70% less, and as I,m told a much better quality foam.

    3" x 25 x 78 are $ 20 each price break at 10 of more $17.50

    1.75" x 25 x 78 are $15 each , again break at 10 or more $12.50

    thank you all again for your time.

    E***** C**** 501-733-**** collinsville,il
    www.oncallaviation.com "

    I will give the guy a call soon and see if he's is OK with me including his Name and Number here or sharing it with others at all. Until then, all I can give you is the "WWW".

  6. stacey - ...plus it the seat cushions lean back a bit so it kinda "cradles" ya. You can really snuggle in and get some serious napping done.

    annony - our Wagon is an '03 with just under 200,000 miles. It's starting to show it's age, but we love it to death! Do you have the ZTW? It's supposed to have a more robust engine that, when accompanied with the weak watery petrol available in California, makes this Focus a Near Zero Emission Vehicle, or so I've read. And when compared to other cars MPG, Frank just murders anything else for Cargo Capacity!

    And I'd love to someday get a contour chair like that! Mmmm, heat AND massage!

  7. Me again..Mine is a VZW Ford Focus...

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  9. Anony - I can't find a pic of a VZW! But I'd love it if Santa could find it in his heart to convince Ford to import the New Ford Focus Wagon (OMG It's SOOOoooo pretty!) to the States!

    German - Thanks for the kind words. I have all kinds of different accent pillows that get switched around pretty regularly. Again, when I saw those pillows at the store (Old Time Pottery) I had no idea what I was going to do with them, I just bought them! Figured it out later.