Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's Nuts How Much Cool Stuff Is Abandoned At The Thrift Stores! Status: Go Get It Folks...PLEASE!


I love Starbursts but I've never warmed up to this pattern, Star Glow. The gold just doesn't do anything for me. Good thing, like I need Another pattern to collect. Still, that is a pretty good deal.



The stuff above was all at the Value Village on Lindbergh Blvd. I think i might have

had the Airport toy thing as a child. I'm strangely drawn to it! The typewriter is

pretty cool to, it looks sorta angry.





These fine examples were all found at the Salvation Army in the Grandview Plaza

here in Florissant. That tall skinny china cabinet is pretty cool, no? That will be

gone tout suite. The other china cab. looks like it might be a Broyhill piece but I

didn't see a stamp. It's a two piece so it'll be easy to transport. I'm not sure that the

'40s bedroom set is available. I didn't see a price tag on it so it might be sold.


This was at the Goodwill on Lindbergh near the Value Village. It's not

available...well not from them anymore. This sofa followed me home. It wasn't even

Available when I looked around. It was put out just as I was finishing up my

reconnaissance of the joint. It was for sale all of 2 or 3 minutes! I've got some

clean up to do but this baby is genuine 1969 leather Thayer Coggin! I think it

might be a Milo Baughman design. I might be keeping it....I might be selling it,

haven't yet decided! Either way, there will be a posting dedicated to it soon



  1. what a score on the sofa, looks deliciously comfortable. I was just at the Goodwill and Value Village yesterday. Only walked away with a vintage glass to add to a set of 2 others I already have and a handmade vintage Christmas ceramic decoration, made by someone named Rosemary in 1986. Spent a whopping 1 dollar!

    Just curious, how often you do go in those stores? I used to go 1x a week, but haven't been able to go that often lately.

    Oh yeah, did that sofa fit in Frank?????


  2. How do you get things moved? Are you big and strong? Do you get friends to help? Do you pay people?

  3. The "star glow" pattern always looked like snow to me.

  4. I love Starglow, actually. Would have snapped that up instantly if I saw it at one of my locals.
    My only interesting decor find recently was a strange (and huge) ashtray made out of a log section.

  5. Sue - I go when ever the urge strikes me. I usually get to the stores around here about once a week but I keep forgetting that the SalvArmy store isn't open on Sunday so I might miss that one. The Sofa is super long and did stick out the back of Frank but otherwise fit no problem. I didn't even go straight home! I went to the Value Village up the street first and when I didn't find much there, I hit the other one before going home....with a big ol' couch hanging out the back.

    Heidi - One of the employees helped me get it out of the store and then into the car. It's not too heavy. The Girlfriend helped me get it out of the car and into the house. I have used a delivery company before but only a few times. It's often easier to do it myself than to become a control freak when someone else is looking like they might scratch or damage something. Once, after a buyer bought and paid for a dresser, she had a guy with a truck come by and he really didn't seem to care if the dresser got damaged in moving. I went all control freak and was giving orders and telling everybody how to load and wrap and tie down, doing a lot of it myself. I almost said wait...I'll just deliver it myself!

  6. Moob - I agree...yellow(ish) snow. Maybe that's why it doesn't do it for me!

    Bob - I guess you don't get much yellow snow down there, huh. The ashtray sounds intriguing. Is it a cross section of a log, then sort of dug out...with a dark orange glass ashtray placed into the dug out?