Monday, December 13, 2010

Right, The garage. Here It Is In All It's Overloaded Glory. Status: Where's The Antacid?


Yeah, 3 car garage. See any cars? See A car? Nope. It's funny when people ask if they can just stop by and look around.

That's right, that's a front door...and behind it is a vintage '50s fridge.



I wish I had the energy to list in detail all the little details in each picture but I just

got home from Chicago and had to drive through some pretty tough weather.



We spent about three hours driving at between 25 and 40 miles per hour. Ugh.

Lot's of cars off the side of the road. Black ice everywhere. But we got to spend

some good time with the Girlfriends Grandmother!



I finally beat Both of them (they are teachers!) at scrabble. They usually kick my

butt. Hard. Anyway, if you see something in a picture and just Have to know what it

is, leave a comment and I'll try to answer as soon and as best as I can.





  1. I had those exact rattan bar stools in my first house back in the day!

  2. Okay, I feel better about all the "stuff" piled up around here.

  3. Dana - I bought those so long ago, I didn't even know what Craigslist was! I got them from an ad in the "Bargain Box" in our local paper. They were for my Tiki bar. I have more authentic ones now.

    moob - I'm sure all of us have a "gene" in common.

  4. Where, oh where, do you find the cool fireplaces? Are you planning to sell the one in your garage? They are super hot! Love all the stuff. Thanks for the virtual treasure hunt!

  5. H.T. - Each and every one was found on Craigslist. Pretty cheap too. The one in the garage has a small dent in it that needs some attention. I'll fill it and paint the whole thing some day, then sell it.

  6. WOW. I thought my garage was packed! I see some Brasilia lines, lots of hair pin legs, tons of teak, a lamp I's like "American Pickers" in there! I want it all!

  7. Finally..........the treasure in the garage unveiled. :) It's not that bad in there, plenty of room for more stuff. Who needs a car in the garage anyway?
    I'm curious about the round woven chair, what is the base like? In my mind it's super cool. But, then we all know that I'm a chair-a-holic.

  8. Rhan - That American Pickers show drives me nuts. I wish I had a TV program paying me to make just 60 or 70 dollars on a 150 dollar purchase. I've watched the episodes on Hulu and they couldn't pay for the gas in that van with what they were making off what they were finding! Anyway, you nailed it. Brasilia, hairpins, teak,'s all in there!

    Kim - I wish I could have given you the nickle tour during the party, but I got drunk...stupid alcohol, why you always gettin' me drunk? I hope you had a good time talking to everybody else! I don't remember having a conversation with ANYBODY! The round chair has a sort of "H" base of black wrought iron or steel. I have three of them in there somewhere. One I took all the rattan off to redo, but didn't get around to it...yet.

  9. I see a Z-chair, got a couple of those I need to restore. Love your stuff, wish DC wasn't so far away from St. Louis!

  10. Ah, the Selig Z Chair. It's just hiding out in the garage because we had a party recently. With some things it's just better to be safe than sorry. I need to bring it back in soon! I miss my Z Chair.

  11. Is that the pulldown light fixture your girlfriend reminded you about when I was looking for something to replace my chandelier!! I think it may be!

  12. illumi - Actually it's not, but if you're interested shoot me a note. I think I know what she was talking about now. It's not a pull down but it is a really cool light fixture.

  13. 50s Pam - I know! I say something similar every time I have to get something out of there...except it's with a droop of the shoulders and a little sigh.