Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Felt Like Dropping Some Pics Of My (Collection Of?) Extra Mod Upholstery Fabric. Status: Laying In Wait.


I started buying this stuff a while back when I was going to recover a bunch of Tulip chair seats pads. Then I just started buying it any time I found some that caught my eye.


You just never know when you'll need some cool fabric to recover a danish chair

cushion set, so I think it's just good planning to have this all on hand. Having the

Cocoa colored fabric on hand when I finally decided to recover the Brasilia chairs

definitely got the ball rolling on that project.


The rest of these patterns and colors are waiting for their projects to show up. All

of it is heavy upholstery fabric. Nothing flimsy about this stuff. I even spotted some

"Chrome" vinyl but passed on it. I just couldn't imagine what I might EVER do with



I have a TON of this Purple and Green stuff. I have maybe five or six pieces, each

about two to three yards. It's maybe a bit obvious (Contemporary Atomic?) but I'm

sure I'll have a use for it all sooner or later. If I didn't buy it all up I'm sure I'd be

sorry later on.



These pale green pieces are much more subtle. These will make something

beautiful some day. It's nice to know I don't have to buy something with great or

even good upholstery since I can take some time and redo it myself. Mr. Modtomic

DOES indeed have a (Cool Retro) sewing machine and knows how to use it (ish).


This piece reminds me of Eames designs, though it's probably not like anything

they ever designed. I really wish that the store would have had more of it. They

might have more the next time I check back. That seems to happen sometimes.


These accent pillows were found at Old Time Pottery. They also have a table or

two full of "remnants" like those above. I've got some stuff from them too but it's

kinda Tiki or Hawaiian looking stuff and is destined to be used on the cushions of

my Paul Frankl rattan sofa and chair.


  1. I love the cocoa fabric you used on the Brasilia chairs...and I made/sold pillows out of the same orange fabric as in your pillow pics. I also have a wall hanging out of it in turquoise in my bathroom.

  2. Dana - Wow! That's so cool, you DO indeed have the same pattern fabric in your bathroom! Check it our everybody. Dana has a cool pad and it's all on the Rate My Space page of HGTV. Be sure to look around at all her rooms!