Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Spotted This Odd Chair At The Antique Mall A Couple Weeks Ago, Then Spotted It Online. Status: Mystery

Wormley Chair? 1

I looked at this chair for a long time that evening. It's so not my style but there was just something about it that held my attention. It certainly is stiking.

So the "crazy chair" really stuck in my brain. It's such an odd shape for a chair. To

be honest, I find it kinda ugly. But it DID stick in my brain...and that must mean

something, right?

Wormley Chair? 3

Then, a couple weeks ago I was
replying to Kate in Indy about her lack of cool

shops in her area
. I had to do a little research on the Indy retro / vintage shop

scene and came across a picture of a chair very much like the chair I had spotted

at the antique mall
. They want a LOT of dough for it too. A LOT!

Wormley Chair? 2

So after spotting it on the website for one of the shops in Indy I got pretty excited,

right? I was all like, WOW, an Edward Wormley chair...I gotta go back and buy that

ugly chair! But after a little while I thought I better do a bit more looking around to

confirm the idea that this chair might be worth some real dough. Hmmm...I could

only locate the chair on one other webside...and it was the same exact picture! I've

looked and looked but can't find another example of the chair anywhere on the

net. Anybody have an opinion or educated comment about the chairs? I know they

aren't exact matches, but I'm thinking the one here in the antique mall might have

just been recovered since it's not leather, the seatback is a slightly different shape

and the buttons are more numerous and in a different pattern. I can't even confirm

the blue one is in fact an Edward Wormley design.


  1. Are those boxes of reel to reel tapes stacked under that end table over there? I'll take 'em... I'll put up the shipping cost, too!

  2. Timmy - I don't see them. Where they at?