Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mr. Modtomic Likes Pretty Things Too. Hazel Atlas Orchard Snack Trays with a Manhattan Platter. Status: Often Confused for One Another.


I found this Serving Platter a while back at a Thrift Store with only a slight inkling of what it was.

I was sure I'd seen the "pattern" before but couldn't ID it off hand. Later I found it is

from the Anchor Hocking "Manhattan" line. I totally dig this line as it has an air of

very early modern style to it. Even maybe Art Deco.


I found these Snack / Sandwich plates just a few weeks ago and was SURE they

went with the Manhattan line. NOPE. While searching around I finally found the ID

of these on the interweb. Turns out they are by Hazel Atlas and are the Orchard

line. Huh, whatever! They look great together! Originally I only had two of the

plates. Then I found another one. Then just a few days ago I found three more!


So I had six! While poking around at the thrift stores last Thursday after work I

found three of the matching cups! I would have never thought these cups matched

the plates had I not done the ID search. Just need three more cups now, lest I go




  1. You might want to check out Candlewick, the glasses resemble the one piece I have, which is a small round platter, quite a bit.

  2. My grandmother had these...and the platter. I always thought they were a set too. I also thought she had a matching cake plate, so I got curious and looked them up.

    I found the cups at Replacements Ltd. for $5.99 and on TIAS.com (Piece by Piece, Inc.) for $5.00. The site says they're offering 10% off at checkout. They also will accept offers. You probably have more patience than I do and will keep looking, but when I get that close to having a completed set, I cave and buy them from one of those sites.

    I'm a little confused though, because Ruby Lane calls the pattern ATC3 Orchard, but Replacements Ltd. just calls it ATC3 and shows Orchard to have apple-shaped plates. Piece by Piece only calls it ATC3 too. I know next to nothing about glassware, so I don't have a clue which site is correct.

  3. Sue - Ooooo, did an Image Search for "Candlewick Dishes", THOSE are pretty! I'll be on the lookout for those.

    Dana - They seem to be referred to as both "Orchard" and "ATC3". The first thing I found with an image had them listed as Orchard. Check out this link.


    The packaging apparently refers to them as Orchard. I don't know why big name places like Replacements Ltd. (where I do a lot of my research) would fail to have them listed as orchard. Maybe there was a larger "Orchard" line that encompassed many patterns. Maybe Replacements is correct and more detailed than other less involved sites. I might have to give Replacements a ring to find out!

  4. Hey there (I'm new and enjoy your blog quite immensely!)

    I've been seeing little trays like this around at our Goodwill, etc. Keep considering picking them up. I actually saw these exact trays! I'll be on the lookout for cups for you!!

  5. Mr. Modtomic I *just,* like 2 hours ago, saw a complete set of 11 tray/cup combos exactly like this at a thrift store by my house in Ballwin... It was a paper box full of them in mint condition... Let me know if you want them and I will run back and pick them up.
    Oh and they also had 6 Broyhill Brasilia chairs (2 captians, 4 reg) for 2 bucks each at the same store... They were in pretty crappy shape but could be buffed up if you wanted them... Just wanted to share... Let me know...

  6. Bandita & AlliT - Thanks so much for thinking of me! I wish I could have some how contacted you when you posted these comments! I get an E-mail letting me know I have an new comment and I can read the comment in the E-mail but I can't respond using my phone. I don't get home until late in the evening so by then it's too late.

    Contacting me via my Craigslist Ad(s) is a more direct way to get in touch with me. Plus then we'll have each other's direct contact info!

    Thanks again, letting me know is VERY nice of both you!

  7. I had been keeping my eye on the snack and sip trays at my local Goodwill, trying to justify a reason to pick them up when I saw your blog on them recently. That is all that it took. Since you are so cool, that is all that I need to convince myself that I needed them too. Got 7 plates initially for 30% off of $1.99 because I am married to an old guy. Then I started looking for the cups. Found 4 for 49cents each and then found 5 more for the same. 9 cups/ 7 plates - odd numbers make me crazy and this is all your fault!

  8. PS: I don't know what Candlewick glassware is but I think that I like it. Saw some at flee markets and it was kind of expensive. I really like the beaded edges. Do you have any Candlewick pieces? Does anyone know anything about them?

  9. I stopped by a shop on Cherokee Street here in St. Louis called China Finders yesterday to see if I could find a few matching pieces for my Russel Wright Iroquois but ended up marveling at their Candlewick for a bit. Beautiful glassware, that!

  10. Kate - "...numbers make me crazy and this is all your fault!"

    You're Welcome!

  11. LimitedLiabilityGirlJanuary 3, 2011 at 1:56 PM

    Oh delightful! My mother bought two dozen sets of these about 20 years ago from a local "nobody else wants this old thing" store in Michigan. I've put dibs on inheriting them, no matter how many cherry blossom glass bowls or Depression-era serving platters I have to cede to my sister.

    Thank you for the info, I've never even begun to look them up before, and here all my questions are: answered!

  12. LLG - 2 dozen sets? I though I had plenty! I did just today see a set of four more at the Value Village (in South County) for just $10 but passed cuz I just can't imagine needing more.

  13. I have a bowl I've been unable to identify the pattern. It looks a lot like this pattern, but I don't see any others in a search of internet images. It's about the size of a standard serving bowl, is vertically ribbed and is footed with beads, like candlewick. Have you ever seen one? I'm really curious about the pattern because I'd like to have more pieces. Thanks

  14. I saw these snack plates at a thrift store for $1 each and bought 10 because i thought they were pretty. I started noticing them at flea markets and antigue stores with the cups. The cups are the hardest to find. Since then i have started a catering business and now have 50 sets! I find my best deals at flea markets, $3-$6 set. Some will try to sell them to you as "Candlewick" but once they know you know better, they will come down on the price. One market i go to i occasionally find just the cups for $.50! I use them often for wedding/baby showers and just for myself when we have a "girls night".