Thursday, January 29, 2015

I Almost Forgot! When I Picked Up The Danish Server Cart Last Weekend I Also Nabbed A Couple Other Items, Including This Fantastic Baughman-esque Glass And Chrome Coffee Table. Status: Available.


Just like my previous experience in helping to clean out a home, I ended up with more than I thought I would. Not AS much more, but extras are extras!


Mr. Modtomic loves a big thick piece of glass almost as much as he dislikes moving one.  That girthy

green topper speaks of quality but lord it's heavy.  I don't know why you see such a deep green tint

from the edge but I'm assuming that the glass is just a very light green when you look through it from

the top.  Good thing that chrome steel base is super solid 'cuz you wouldn't want that slab-o-glass

coming to a violent rest on your foot!


But anyway, when I stopped by the seller's home who sold me the teak server that I featured a few

days ago they, as seems to usually happen, asked if I would be interested in a few other choice items

that wouldn't be making the move with them.  There was some very nice Broyhill Brasilia dining

pieces that weren't available, but this coffee table and a nice Lane table that I'll show you later were

offered up.  I didn't have room in the car at the time so I had to make another trip for them, but they

were definitely worth the effort.  Jeez, I feel like I've spent about a full week in my booth at Creve

Coeur bringing in new stock.  Hmmm...I guess 'cuz I have.  Having to spend a lot of time in my

booths 'cuz stuff is moving isn't too bad a problem to have though, right?!

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