Thursday, May 15, 2014

THIS Is A Pretty Cool Item. I Picked It Up Last Friday Morning At The Estate Sale Where I Snagged The Grete Jalk Sofa. What Is It? It's A Danish Modern Shoe Cabinet! Not Something You're Gonna Run Across Every Day. Status: Available!


I had no idea that such an item even existed.  Who needs what looks like a chest of drawers...for their SHOES?!  Well, I certainly don't...but now that I know that there is such a thing, well...of course!  I can see why this would be a desirable item.


I'm neither a neat freak nor a shoe horse (is that a a clothes horse?) so I really have no use

for such an interesting piece, but I can see why someone who is interested in great furnishing and

great fashion could really need this.  This, the Grete Jalk / France & Sons sofa and a bunch of Peter

Hvidt / France & Sons pieces were all in this little...and pardon my judgmental statement...crap box

of a house located in Belleville Il.


I wasn't even sure that I was at the right place when I pulled up to the house.  It really didn't look like

it would be the kind of place that would have some serious Scandinavian modern furnishing inside. 

But sure enough, it did!  Some of the nicest stuff I've seen at an estate sale in a while too.  Some of

the pieces didn't sell at the sale and are currently available at Keil's in "downtown" Belleville. 

There's an amazing desk and a beautiful side board with a long sideways sliding tambour door.  Both

were much cheaper at the sale too...but still not cheap by any measure.  It just wasn't that kind of

sale.  Still, did pretty good.  I'm happy with my take.  This piece isn't perfect, but it's still a fairly rare

find.  I'll have it cleaned and tagged up soon and ready for a new home.  Drop by the booths to see

what else is new!

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